Festivals, Music, Bugs and Bottles…..

Time for an update…..

We’ve been busy with K2, for which we are following Waldorf Essentials. We are still enjoying the stories and activities. We have had a busy few months celebrating all sorts of autumn festivals, and now we are getting excited for our copy of The Gnomes’ Yuletide Advent Mystery’ which is a brand new book of magical Advent stories and activities. There’s also excellent video support to go along with the activities, so go check it out if you are celebrating Waldorf Advent this year!

I’ve been practicing my flute, took me a year to get started but thanks to Music Unfolds  I can now play a few songs, and The Bundles are enjoying singing along, which makes circle time and movement a lot of fun!



Our most regular home ed group stopped for a while back in September but we are getting back into the swing of groups again now with two regular groups, although this also means the inevitable winter colds and bugs which have now had us holed up for nearly a week! Lots of stories, drawing, painting and playdough going on here while we recover, and we’ve also been watching some old TV shows . There’s only so much CBeebies anyone can stand, and these older ones seem to have the added bonus of not making everybody wired and crazy, at least so far! Bundle Number One is finding Trumpton hilarious!

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Meanwhile, lots of knitting and podcasts for me after bedtime, and while the wind and icy rain rage outside. Currently listening to; 

The Home Education Podcast , 

Home Ed Matters 

and The Homeschool Sisters Podcast.  

On the subject of podcasts,  a fellow home educating mama (from ‘The Home Education Podcast’)  has written a fantastic book!  Great for reading aloud by the fire on those chilly winter afternoons, and you’re supporting a home ed family at the same time, win! Grab a copy here

In other news, after seeing the amount of waste collected on our local beaches we have been trying to reduce our waste, plastic usage in particular. We did some research and came up with some small changes we can make, beginning with using stainless steel bottles. A lot of the bottles on offer were pretty expensive but we did find these which are ideal. Great for keeping drinks hot/cold and they come complete with two interchangeable caps, and lots of other bits. Fun colour choices too 😉 

Image result for super sparrow bottles

What have you been up to this Autumn? Let us know in the comments 🙂





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‘Making the Children’s Year’……our review



Making the Children’s Year

Seasonal Waldorf Crafts with Children

by Marije Rowling

Published by Hawthorn Press


We have (and love!) the previous version of this book  ‘The Children’s Year’. It was one of the first craft books we purchased when we first discovered Waldorf, and it has facilitated many a making session.  I was delighted to see that an update was coming, and our lovely friends at Hawthorn Press offered to send us a copy for review

This volume ‘Making the Children’s Year’ is an updated version of the previous book, put together by Marije Rowling (one of the original authors of the previous edition) It offers a brand new layout and more information for each season, including a very inspiring piece on colour throughout the year, the nature table, information on craft materials and where to source them, tips and abbreviations for sewing and knitting, information on fabric dyeing, pattern tips for tracing and transferring and much more. 

There’s a wealth of seasonal offerings within these pages, things to make for outdoor play, indoor play, cards, nature crafts, lanterns, decorations, dolls and doll’s clothes, children’s clothing and accessories and more.

I  especially like the knitting patterns because knitting is my favourite craft. I have previously made the mittens, hat and jumper from this book, actually, the first jumper I ever knitted was the one in this book, thanks to the easy to understand, yet thorough pattern instructions. Imagine my delight when I discovered that such well loved, familiar patterns now have beautiful colour illustrations! 


Of course I paged through to the autumn portion first, because its my favourite season, and also because we are currently gearing up to begin Kindergarten again this autumn so this is perfect timing for some extra autumn craft inspiration. Much is included for festival crafts, as well as some lovely ideas for gifts and little play figures and even some creative and beautiful storage solutions. The Bundles delighted in looking at the illustrations and telling me which things we should have a go at making (so, basically everything!)


This book is accessible for both those who are already crafty and seeking seasonal inspiration, and equally for those who would like to learn.  There are patterns offered for adults, older children and younger children, and the illustrations are captivating to all!  It is an Invaluable resource for Waldorf home educators, indeed for anyone wishing to bring rich, seasonal crafts to their family, group or community. 

Bringing seasonal delight and a reminder of the importance of creativity and handwork, this book is a real treasure and we most definitely recommend it!

Our friends at Hawthorn Press are so excited about this title that they have made it available early! Order your copy here 


A Donsy Of Gnomes, our review

I am so excited to share this next review with you! 

Imagine our delight at being sent a package from lovely Sigi over at Teach Wonderment in the USA, containing three beautiful story books which will truly delight all those who are friends of gnomes……

Today we want to share with you ‘A Donsy of Gnomes’ which is really is just beyond words, I fear nothing I can say will do it justice!

This is far more than just a story book, within these pages you are treated to a rare glimpse into the world of Gnome. From the first pages, offering an enchanting look at the inspiration behind this book, you will be gripped and ready to meet the little gnomes whose stories are included, chapter by chapter.

At the beginning of each of these chapters there is a wonderfully concise description of the story, the length of time it will take to read the story and other tidbits, including a note on which  page to turn to for suggestions on how to present the story.

The little Gnomes you will meet in this book are such wonderfully rich characters, simple little beings with so very much to offer. We adore them all already. Bundle Number One was drawn to Tommy Tomten in particular, with the fact Christmas is drawing nearer this story is just brimming with true, seasonal magic……and his eyes shone so brightly when the little boy in the story sees Tommy Tomten and actually gets to speak to him, oh if I could’ve bottled the essence of that moment!

And it doesn’t end there! At the back of the book, you will find detailed crafts, recipes and ideas for retelling each story, which we think is such a great way to deepen the story experience.

This book is an absolute for every gnome loving home! If you are looking for magic this festive season then please, look no further! Invite some gnomes into your home to share their stories with you, curl up in the warm and enjoy 🙂

You can find Tommy Tomten and his friends, and read excerpts of each book here ……

And as a gift for the festive season you may add the discount code FRIENDS for 20% off. This code is good for the remainder of 2016 😊


 If you would like to find out more, or have any order enquiries, please contact sigi@teachwonderment.com