So, a month into ‘A Year to Build a Day’ with Sparkle Stories and it’s time for an update……

Our goal for January was to work towards reducing the amount of washing up we do on our rest day, which for us is Wednesdays. We decided that in order to achieve this goal we would make Tuesday baking day and prepare breakfast buns for a no plate breakfast, we also decided on having an indoor picnic for lunch with ‘no plate sandwiches’ and a one pot dinner.

The breakfast bit is working out great, baking day is firmly in place and is a favourite. We have been enjoying apple and cinnamon buns for Wednesday breakfast, this week we had homemade raspberry jam and pear buns because Bundle Number One fancied a change but the recipe is very easy to play around with so we can change up the flavour without any fuss. Also, not too many crumbs as the buns are sticky so that’s a winner!


Lunches have been pretty good too, we’ve been having simple sandwiches but we have been using plates, otherwise there’s actually more mess to clean up. We are working on a way around this. 

Dinner started off well but we need more one pot meal ideas, we are working on some new recipe ideas this week. If anyone has some ideas, please share!

Having no commitments on our rest day is working out fantastically. It really does make a difference to our week. Some weeks we might choose to go out for a walk or a small adventure but it is always something simple. No errands allowed while we are out! Most weeks it’s all about indoor activities, play, board games and stories.


We are finding that behaviour improves when we are less busy, and we are definitely more productive than when we were running in all directions. Our rhythm is working well with an adventure day, baking day and home ed group, rest day, three home ed Kindy days a shopping afternoon and a home care day. 

For this month we are adding something to our rest day, each Wednesday at diner time we will light our candle and pause to take time to share our favourite part of the week. Watch this space for our next update! 


Are you building a day of rest with Sparkle Stories this year? We would love to hear about it!