Our Waldorf Advent, week four



Sunday 18th December 2016

Week Four

The fourth week of Advent is here! This week we share the rest of our gnome story, where we see our gnome sharing gifts with the forest children and his fellow gnomes, and also meeting some new friends. 

We will be working on gifts for our Solstice handmade gift swap and also talking about the new friends we have made this year of which there are many as, in addition to our regular home ed group, this year we have also found our Waldorf community!


Our Waldorf group is meeting outdoors this week with our usual Advent circle and a craft activity, and also a shared lunch and a fire to celebrate the closing of our group for this year and also the Solstice 



Our Waldorf Advent, week three


Sunday 11th December 2016

Week Three

This week is all about the animals, we will be continuing with our advent story and finding out what our little gnome is doing. For related activities we will be adding some little creatures to our Advent space, going on a wildlife walk and watching for the animals who visit our garden and surrounding land. We will also be talking about what Winter means for them and how we can help them.


At our Waldorf group we will be threading popcorn and dried fruits onto thread to keep our feathered friends well fed while festively decorating our gardens. We are also having our Advent Spiral this week, it’s our very first one which is extra exciting!

Our Waldorf Advent, week two


Sunday 4th December 2016

Week Two

This week we continue with our gnome story from Waldorf Essentials where we find our little gnome choosing a plant to take to the Advent space, and helping out some friends in the process.

Our activities will include checking on our garden and ensuring that our plants are cared for and ready for the Winter. We will take some time to talk about plants, and think about what plants have meant to us this year. Bundle Number one is a keen gardener and very interested in growing fruits, vegetables and herbs. We also enjoy cooking so we will use some of our herbs in a Winter recipe.

At our group we will be making wreaths and continuing with our circle songs, stories and games.




Our first Waldorf Advent, Week One


Sunday 27th November 2016

Week One……

This week we begin our Advent stories. The little gnome in our story is working with his fellow gnomes and animals, tidying and making the forest look pretty before decorating the clearing and beginning some crafts with his fellow gnomes.

We will all work on an Advent wreath together on Sunday for our fireplace, and Bundle Number One will be knitting one for our gnomes using his knitting fork, which creates a long chain (like finger knitting) for us to sew into a circle shape

We are each choosing a small stone to add to our Advent space, Bundle Number Two’s task is to round up our favourites on Sunday. My job is to write out the verse above and illustrate it and Dada is making a little wooden card holder for the verse.

At our weekly Steiner group we will be painting some of the lovely stones we gathered at the beach together and these little gifts from nature will then become gifts for each other, or added to our Advent nature space.

Our first Steiner/Waldorf Advent


Winter is dark,

Yet each tiny spark

Brightens the way to Christmas Day,

Shine little light

And show us the way

To the bright light

Of Christmas Day

For those inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, Advent is often celebrated in a particular way. This year we are embracing it for the first time. Our ‘Waldorf Advent’ 2016 begins on Sunday 27th November and on this day we will begin our journey towards Christmas.

We have a great Advent guide from Waldorf Essentials (available within the ‘Festivals’ portion of Thinking Feeling, Willing) which consists of four, weekly stories suitable for young children and this is what we will be using as the backbone. We will then add a related activity each week to compliment the story and deepen our experience. We will also be joining in with our very first Advent Spiral at our Steiner group which we are very excited about. 

In preparation, we are meeting some friends from our group at the beach this week to gather stones and shells for next week’s group activities.

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We will be sharing our Advent journey with you here each week so please do join us 🙂