a magic remedy….

This little bottle of magic is our favourite remedy for a cold….


Elderberry syrup is really easy to make (see recipe below) and tastes delicious, it really does help sooth a sore throat or a cough and it’s packed full of vitamin c to help shift an autumn/winter cold. We keep it going all season by freezing a stock of elderberries and making up a fresh batch when it runs low. Easy, natural and effective 🙂

Elderberry Syrup

you will need;



a pan

sieve or muslin cloth

sterilised jars/bottles 

What to do;

separate the berries from the stalks

place elderberries in a pan and cover with water

bring to the boil and continue to let them bubble gently until they burst

strain berries through a sieve or a muslin cloth

collect the juice

add sugar to the juice (12oz for every pint of juice)

boil the juice and sugar until it coats the back of a spoon

pour into hot sterile jars, allow to cool and store in a cool dry place (once opened store in the fridge)

enjoy a spoonful or two whenever you feel the seasonal germs creeping up on you!