Badger Sun Care Review…..

We love Badger products, so when I saw that the sun care range was coming to the U.K I was excited¬†for us to try it ūüôā

We were sent this lovely parcel containing all three of the Badger sunscreens, which we have been trying out this week. 



We tried¬†Kid’s, Baby and Unscented. Each option costs ¬£14.99 and they are all SPF 30 (find out more about SPF here)





We tried them all and each was a hit¬†for different reasons, the Kid’s¬†version smells delicious, just like chocolate orange! Bundle Number Two and Dada like this one best, Bundle Number One isn’t a fan of this one because he doesn’t like scented products and is hesitant to try new things because he has sensitive skin, so he preferred the Unscented¬†option. The Baby one has a really calming, relaxing, gentle scent ideal for little ones (and grown ups alike!) I think the Unscented version is my favourite, I’m used to unscented sun care so it’s usually my preferred option.


Each version felt the same texture wise, it goes on quite thick¬†and¬†the first time I applied it I used way too much, a little goes a long way! I have since read this great¬†guide on all things Badger sun care, including how much to apply and on adjusting the amount I was using it absorbs nicely but gives enough of a covering to¬†feel like its really protecting the skin. It worked really well, hot sunny day at the beach, getting wet included and no sunburn here at all for any of us (and my skin is prone to turning lobster like if I’m not careful about sun protection!)

We did think that the price was a bit high for the average family needing to keep stocked up on sun care, but the fact that Badger sun care is certified 100% natural and contains 98% organic ingredients¬†goes a long way for us, as does the fact it suits Bundle Number One’s sensitive skin while many other sun screens make him itchy and sore.

We would definitely buy this product regularly and would recommend giving it a try for your family ūüôā




We were sent these products free of charge, in return for our review. All opinions are our own.



Winter treats…

Yesterday we received a lovely, surprise parcel from Vicky at Badger Balm UK.
I wasn’t expecting anything and was delighted to find a beautiful box of Winter goodies inside ūüôā



Included was;

Badger Sleep Balm

This really works, it’s soothing and smells wonderful, ideal for helping you get some much needed rest in the lead up to the festive season.¬†find it here

Badger Hardworking Hands Balm

This stuff is a staple product here,which OH finds amazing for his cracked and chapped hands. A must for those Winter adventures when Jack Frost is around! find it here

Highland Mint Lip Care

(this one is new to us and I will be reporting back soon, it smells like candy canes…very Wintery and delicious!)¬†find it¬†here

Badger Aromatic Chest Rub

…an absolute favourite. This is the only product we use when we get coughs and colds. Suitable for all the family, it’s gentle, natural and very effective. Plus the very cute illustration on the tin help persuade The Bundles to allow me to apply it when they are fighting off the Winter sniffle germs.¬†find it here

and, excitingly, one of the new Badger Hair Oils

(which I will be trying and reporting back on. It smells lovely, very fruity and I am interested to see the results especially as I have recently had my long hair cropped) find it here

These products make wonderful festive treats and stocking fillers so why not treat someone to a little bit of Badger magic this Winter? ūüėČ


Badger Balm Hello Sunshine!…a review

We arrived back from our holiday to find a lovely parcel on the doormat from our friends at Badger Balm UK…


Launched on June 22nd 2015, Hello Sunshine! is a

‘very special Badger Summer Essentials Collection’

Priced £12.50 and available from selected stockists, the Collection includes;

FullSizeRender (27)

21g tin of Badger Foot Balm, ‘peppermint and tea tree’

an easy to apply, wonderfully luxurious balm featuring antibacterial properties and the soothing and reviving scent of peppermint and rosemary. This is fantastic stuff, really breathes life back into beach weary feet after all that sand and salty sea water. The beautiful illustration of a Badger out for a Summer walk is lovely too ūüėČ

IMG_3659 (1)

21g tin of Badger After Sun Balm ‘Blue Tansy and Lavender

Again, very easy to apply and perfect size for carrying around with you on summer adventures! This is wonderfully cooling and smells like a tropical cocktail, ideal for applying after an evening shower on those warm, Summer evenings.


Un-scented Badger Lip Care Stick

A luxuriously thick, super moisturising lip balm featuring ‘70% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Golden Yellow Beeswax and Pure Castor Oil’ This stuff is saving my post holiday, cold induced dry lips!

But it doesn’t stop there, you also get two¬†FREE¬†items included…

this beautiful bag (which is ideal for ‘beach days’)


and a refreshingly fruity ‘Tangerine Breeze’ Badger Lip¬†Care Stick


This new collection of trusty¬†Badger products¬†really is a bargain and a must for your summer adventures be they at home or away, so what are you waiting for…go grab yours¬†¬†HERE !

FullSizeRender (29)


We were sent these products, free of charge, in return for review. All opinions are my own.

Badger Cheerful Mind Balm…a review

Here is the second in our series of reviews for Badger Balm UK

Badger Cheerful Mind Balm

Priced £5.99 17g


This is one of my personal favourites. ¬†Featuring the¬†refreshing and uplifting ‘happy’ scent of Sweet Orange and Spearmint all wrapped up in a very easy to use tube this is ideal for on-the-go use. It fits easily into a pocket or bag and is packed with natural goodness, its contents are ‘100% Natural and Organic’ and it bares the signature illustration of a Badger (this time a badger walking near a waterfall!…love these pictures!) ¬†The balm itself is non greasy and the scent has excellent ‘staying power’.

I would recommend this product for busy mums (especially those who may be dealing with the toddler phase as am I!) or anyone who needs a little cheer brought to their days! 


Badger Sleep Balm…a review

Recently we were sent a lovely bag of goodies by the lovely people at  Badger Balm UKIMG_1909


This is the first in our series of reviews…

Badger Sleep Balm

£7.99 56g 


Badger Sleep Balm is presented in a beautiful tin with a charming illustration of a Badger relaxing beneath the stars…

We love natural products here at Monster House and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. Containing Lavender and Bergamot, the fragrance is lovely, certainly very relaxing and gentle. The¬†balm is very easy to apply, simply use your fingers to apply straight from the tin to your skin.¬†Representing excellent value for money, the tin is huge and you only need a small amount for each application.

I have tried Badger Sleep Balm for a week now, and it is a keeper…we have had a busy time lately what with planning for home ed and various other jobs we have needed to get done and this makes it tricky to ‘wind down’ and relax at bedtime. ¬†I’ve been applying it just before bedtime, having a read of a book for 15 minutes or so before settling properly and have had no trouble drifting off and getting a good night’s sleep…this stuff really works! (it also looks extremely cute on the bedside table ūüėČ )

I would definitely recommend Badger Sleep Balm (not least to my fellow mums and dads!) and for the little Badgers in our lives, we will be trying Mini Badger Night Night Balm next…

happy monkey smoothies review

Something exciting happened today…a parcel arrived!

Having previously responded¬†to a post by Gentle Parenting UK asking for families to review a selection of products, I was pleased to be selected to trial ‘happy monkey smoothies’. The parcel’s arrival was met with much excitement in Monster House…

We received three boxes of the smoothies, each containing four, 180ml ‘pouch’ shaped cartons (with attached straws) of the product in the following flavours;

     Orange and Mango

orange and mango

Apples and Blackcurrants

apples and blackcurrants

  Strawberry and Banana

strawberry and banana

Myself and the Bundles found the packaging to be attractive and fun, with the Monkey theme and pictures of fruit in bright colourful designs, and the product information was clear and easy to follow.

Each 180ml serving of ‘happy monkey smoothie’ is described on the packaging as containing ‘100% fruit’, equaling one ‘full portion’ of fruit. The product information also states that the smoothies contain ‘no ‘bits’, no added sugar, no sweeteners and no additives’.

We tasted all three flavours, orange and mango being the favourite, and I thought the smoothies all had a good consistency (smooth and just like fruit juice) and were fresh and thirst quenching. The size of the pouch was just right, easy to hold for little hands and contained a ¬†generous amount of product. We will definitely now be purchasing ‘happy monkey smoothies’ ¬†regularly as they proved very popular here in Monster House!

My only real criticisms of this product would be that I would have preferred the fruit juice used not to be ‘from concentrate’ as a personal preference and I also prefer a thicker textured smoothie. Bundle Number One liked the juice like consistency and I can imagine children more reluctant to eat fruit would probably be happy to drink the smoothies if they are fans of juice!

(please excuse the glitter,  'tis the season...!)

(please excuse the glitter, ’tis the season…!)

Find out more about ‘happy monkey smoothies’ here:¬†

Disclaimer: Although asked to complete a product review by Gentle Parenting UK (via email score sheet) This review is independent to that and contains my personal opinion. I received no financial incentive from any party.