A Donsy Of Gnomes, our review

I am so excited to share this next review with you! 

Imagine our delight at being sent a package from lovely Sigi over at Teach Wonderment in the USA, containing three beautiful story books which will truly delight all those who are friends of gnomes……

Today we want to share with you ‘A Donsy of Gnomes’ which is really is just beyond words, I fear nothing I can say will do it justice!

This is far more than just a story book, within these pages you are treated to a rare glimpse into the world of Gnome. From the first pages, offering an enchanting look at the inspiration behind this book, you will be gripped and ready to meet the little gnomes whose stories are included, chapter by chapter.

At the beginning of each of these chapters there is a wonderfully concise description of the story, the length of time it will take to read the story and other tidbits, including a note on which  page to turn to for suggestions on how to present the story.

The little Gnomes you will meet in this book are such wonderfully rich characters, simple little beings with so very much to offer. We adore them all already. Bundle Number One was drawn to Tommy Tomten in particular, with the fact Christmas is drawing nearer this story is just brimming with true, seasonal magic……and his eyes shone so brightly when the little boy in the story sees Tommy Tomten and actually gets to speak to him, oh if I could’ve bottled the essence of that moment!

And it doesn’t end there! At the back of the book, you will find detailed crafts, recipes and ideas for retelling each story, which we think is such a great way to deepen the story experience.

This book is an absolute for every gnome loving home! If you are looking for magic this festive season then please, look no further! Invite some gnomes into your home to share their stories with you, curl up in the warm and enjoy 🙂

You can find Tommy Tomten and his friends, and read excerpts of each book here ……

And as a gift for the festive season you may add the discount code FRIENDS for 20% off. This code is good for the remainder of 2016 😊


 If you would like to find out more, or have any order enquiries, please contact sigi@teachwonderment.com


Cheeky Baby Wipes Hands and Faces Kit

As part of our Festive Gift Guide 2016, the lovely people at Cheeky Wipes have sent us their Cheeky Baby Wipes Hands and Faces Kit to share with you! ……



We first began using Cheeky Wipes when I realised just how many disposable wipes we were getting through at nappy changes and mealtimes, they just didn’t clean easily or effectively without using handfuls of the them at each change. This seemed very wasteful and was making a job we were doing countless times a day trickier than it needed to be. I was also concerned about the ingredients in your average disposable baby wipes, being a huge fan of natural products and also having a baby with sensitive skin. We were already using washable nappies and getting on really well with those, so switching to washable wipes just seemed an obvious thing to do. We discovered Cheeky Wipes and ordered some to try. A kit for nappies and a kit for hands and faces, with options for different colours and fabrics to suit each task. 5 years on and we are still using, and loving them!

So, how does it all work?

We we soak our wipes in some water with a few drops of the essential oils included in the kit, squeeze them out, pop them in the ‘Fresh’ box and they are there ready and waiting! After use, pop the dirty wipes into the included ‘Mucky’ bag  and wash with your next load. When the wipes come out of the machine we soak them straightaway, no need to dry them in between washes, and they are good to go again.

We take our wipes out and about too, pop some ready soaked wipes in the Fresh bag and we’re good to go. Again, any used wipes go into the Mucky bag. Easy 🙂


Cheeky Wipes are a regular and well loved feature in our home, and would make a great gift for families who are looking to make the switch from disposable to washable, find the Cheeky Wipes Hands and Faces Kit and the full the Cheeky Wipes product range here 


A Green and Rosie Life

Weleda ‘Colour your Senses’ Gift Set

For the first in our Festive Gift Guide series, the lovely people at Weleda sent us their ‘Colour your Senses’ gift set…… 



For truly natural products you really can’t go wrong with Weleda, with products certified 100% natural and 84% of all plant ingredients classed as organic and biodynamic, and not a synthetic fragrance, preservative or colourant in sight. Weleda products proudly bear the internationally recognised NATRUE seal of quality, guaranteeing the highest of standards

The theme of this lovely gift set is tranquility and it includes a mindfulness colouring book and five of Weleda’s creamy body washes in an exclusive 50ml size.

Priced at £17.95 this makes an ideal gift for anyone in need of a bit of tranquility this festive season 🙂