‘Findus Rules the Roost’ by Sven Nordqvist……a review

Our friends at Hawthorn Press kindly sent us the latest Findus and Pettson book! Find out what we thought as we share our review of ‘Findus Rules the Roost’ 





Farmer Pettson has a surprise for his hens, a proud and very handsome Cockerel! The hens are thrilled, but Findus the cat is less than impressed by this noisy new addition to the farm. The rooster is spoiling all of his fun, the hens are no longer interested in playing, the rooster has taken to chasing him and can give a nasty peck, and the noise is simply too much to bear. 

It’s time for a plan, Findus sets to work on a cunning trick to get rid of the pesky cockerel once and for all…but will his plan work?




We were excited to read this latest story, having read many of the other titles in the series we knew we were in for a treat and we were certainly not disappointed. Findus Rules the Roost is beautifully written, warm and humorous. Both Bundles thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story and pausing to explore and appreciate the stunning illustrations, in which there are many delightful details and characters to be discovered. It is already becoming a firm favourite in our spring book box.




If you haven’t met Findus and Pettson yet, what are you waiting for? And for those of you who know the characters well,  this story will make a great addition to your collection. 

‘Findus Rules the Roost’ is the tenth book in the Findus and Pettson series to be published by Hawthorn Press. Find it, and all of the others here














The Wrong Adventure by Ross Mountney…..a review


We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to review Ross Mountney’s new picture book ‘The Wrong Adventure’.  A follow up to Ross’ previous picture book ‘Who’s not in School’, the story is all about a home educating family and the adventures of the youngest child, Harry. There is a distinct lack of such books and it came just as we were gearing up to get back to our home ed rhythm as Autumn begins.




In this installment, Harry is off on an adventure! With an idea sparked by some learning he has been doing with his big brother and sister,  he is outside and hard at work on a tunnel he is building in the garden…of course lots of messy learning ensues (punctuated by baths, sometimes fully clothed…)

We enjoyed this book equally as much as the first, and eagerly anticipate more. A definite addition to the book collection for any home ed family with a young adventure, with plenty of giggles and knowing looks from those little ones who have a similar spark to Harry!


‘The Wrong Adventure’ by Ross Mountney is available direct from the publishers,  Bird’s Nest Books, you can get your copy here 

Findus goes Fishing…..a review


Findus goes Fishing

Written by Sven Nordqvist

Published by Hawthorn Press

‘Oh, what a day. I don’t feel like doing anything.’ ….. 


It’s a grey Autumn day and Farmer Pettson is not in a good mood.  Findus, however is full of enthusiasm for the day and wants to play all day, he is less than impressed when Pettson tells him that, although he doesn’t want to do anything, there are still plenty of chores to be done.

Hilarity ensuses as Findus tries every way he knows how to cheer up his friend, until farmer Pettson finally snaps and gets angry. The only idea Findus has left is fishing, that’s sure to help…or is it?


This story is slightly different to the others in the series as we see Farmer Pettson at his grumpiest, something which amused Bundle Number One greatly, as did Findus’ hilarious attempts to cheer his friend up. The story  holds a powerful message as Pettson begins to see the day through fresh eyes and appreciates the beauty around him. A must read for Findus and Pettson fans and for those who have not discovered them yet 🙂

Findus goes Fishing is a brand new story in the Findus and Pettson series and is available from 1st May 2016, so why not give yourself a May bank holiday treat and grab your copy here 


Findus at Christmas…a review


Findus at Christmas

by Sven Nordqvist

Published by Hawthorn Press

We love the Findus series and were thrilled to receive a copy of the festive story ‘Findus at Christmas’ for review from our friends at Hawthorn Press. The characters Findus the cat and farmer Pettson are now familiar to us, we have a little collection of Findus books and they are firm favourites so we were really excited to discover what Christmas is like for these friends…

The front cover is beautifully enticing and really gives that festive feel making you eager to look inside and Bundle Number One and I certainly were! We settled down to share the story and found Findus and Pettson getting ready for Christmas on the day before Christmas Eve, having left things very late due to the cold weather. The friends set out to shovel snow and then head off up the hillside to gather fir branches for their doorstep, where an unfortunate accident involving a slippery stone and their sled leaves poor Pettson with an injured foot, unable to walk.IMG_6101

With no decorations and empty cupboards, how will the friends manage to enjoy Christmas? Findus is going to have to lend a paw and come up with some ideas…and fast!


Bundle Number One really enjoyed the humour throughout the story, his favourite character is definitely Findus and he delighted in the cat’s attempts at ‘helping’ from the soapy wet kitchen floor to the makeshift decorations, there was plenty of giggling going on as I read! As always we love the illustrations and had fun looking out for the little creatures hiding on each page, this is the sort of book where you notice something new each time you read it and it is a tale to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. 

We would recommend this enchanting book to anyone who enjoys a festive tale full of warmth and fun, the stuff of evenings by the fire with cozy blankets and warm drinks. So go on, tuck a copy of ‘Findus at Christmas’ under your tree and share the warmth with your family 🙂


A Cornish Mum

Itchybald Scratchet Book Three…a review


Itchybald Scratchet Book 3

The Missing Friend

By Sue C.Medcalf

This is the third book in the charming Itchybald Scratchet series, our friend Itchy is back and he has a decision to make…

Following his adventures in Book Two things are beginning to look up for Itchy and his young family, however one of his friends has not been so lucky and he sets out on a brave rescue with his fellow badger friend, Fidget. There are hazards lurking ahead and, unbeknownst to the Badgers, their missing friend has met an upple (badger speak for people!) could this mean betrayal, will they rescue their friend in time? You must read to find out 😉

This delightful series of stories is a must for all badger fans and any lovers of little animals having adventures. As always, the story is absorbing and exciting with the accompanying illustrations by Nicole Poulsom perfectly complimenting the text. 


Written by Sue C.Medcalf, a mother, grandmother and wildlife enthusiast with the intention to ‘encourage children of all ages to benefit, enjoy and learn from reading’ one which these books are sure to achieve. 

Why not treat someone you love to the full set of Itchybald Scratchet books this Christmas, they would make a great gift for children of all ages, or indeed settle down under a cozy blanket one chilly afternoon and enjoy them yourself 😉 You can find them here

I was sent this book, free of charge, in return for my review.All opinions are my own.

Itchybald Scratchet Book 2 ‘Return from Rainbow Ravine’…a review

A few months back I reviewed the first in the Itchybald Scratchet series (read our review here)

After a bit of a delay due to our relocation, I am now pleased to share my review of the second book;


Itchybald Scratchet Book 2

Return from Rainbow Ravine

by Sue C.Medcalf

Following my review of Book One in the Itchybald Scratchet series, I was excited to read the next installment and find out what happened to Itchy and his friends. The first book ended on a cliff hanger with Itchy and friends trapped with ‘upples’ (their word for ‘people’, which I think is a very cute touch) approaching and pizza loving ‘Enormouse’ ‘s tummy rumbling and so I was pleased to find that this book continues straight on from that point.

The same familiar characters are present in Book 2, along with some new friends with equally brilliant names as our pizza loving friend ‘Enormouse’, ‘Neighomi’ the shire horse for one! The story is beautifully written and engaging, complimented by some lovely illustrations by Nicole Poulson


and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves badgers and has a sense of adventure!

So, do Itchy and friends manage to escape the upples and find the gold they need in time to save their homes?…aha, I didn’t tell the first time and I’m not telling now either! To find out what becomes of our badger friend please visit Itchy’s website here where you will find the Itchybald Scratchet Trilogy and enjoy the books for yourself (and perhaps grab a set for a badger loving friend or relative ready for Christmas? 😉 )

Itchybald Scratchet, The Tales Begin…a review

I have just returned from an adventure with a lovely Badger called Itchybald Scratchet….

On discovering Itchybald Scratchet’s  website  approached his friend, author Sue. C. Medcalf with the offer of reviewing Itchybald’s adventures. 

I was sent two lovely books, the first two parts of Itchybald’s story and I am now delighted to share my review of:


Book 1 ‘Itchybald Scratchet, The Tales Begin’

by Sue.C.Medcalf

Illustrated by Nicole Poulsom

Priced £6.99

The story is all about an adventure to save ‘Badger Wood’ which is under threat from ‘Upples’ (the badger word for ‘people’) Itchybald Scratchett (Itchy) sets out to save his home with the help of his wife, ‘Matty’ and new found friend, pizza loving  ‘Enormouse’ (Norm). With plenty of scrapes and near misses on the way, can Itchy and his friends really save Badger Wood? and what really did happen to Auntie Twiddle?

…I’m not telling, you will have to grab yourself a copy of this lovely book and find out for yourselves 😉

I really enjoyed the first part of Itchy’s adventure, the story is beautifully written with complimentary (and very endearing) illustrations.  A hit for children and adults alike!

The characters are brilliant, with obvious attention to detail regarding their personalities…especially the pizza loving ‘Norm’!

The Bundles are a still bit young for such a big story but I’m sure they will love it as much as I do when they hear it and one day will read it and enjoy it themselves.

Book 1 ends on a cliffhanger so I am very much looking forward to reading the next installment Book 2 ‘Return From Rainbow Ravine’…watch this space!

I was sent these books, free of charge,  in return for review. All opinions are my own.