Taking a festive break until January!

Wishing you all a very happy Solstice and a joyful festive season and thank you for visiting, reading and commenting this year, thank you also to the lovely companies who have sent us their products and publications for review.






Blogmas Day 19, ‘Mud!’

Today was the last meet of this year with our Monday group, and it was an outdoor meet. A lovely family allowed us to use their space which enabled us to have a fire and acres of grass, trees, bushes and mud to explore.

We shared lunch together and had our seasonal circle verses outside, before lighting the fourth Advent candle on our wreath and enjoying a story.

The kids were still playing happily as it got dark, and we left with muddy boots (and clothes, and hair, and faces!) big smiles, and happy memories of our first season with our new friends



Blogmas Day 16, ‘The Festive Hump’

According to Nadia and Kaye on their Friday walk to work this morning, today is a sort of ‘festive hump day’. The Wednesday of the average working week. We don’t have that Wednesday thing in our house because we work odd hours, but there is definitely something odd about today……

Today is ‘that day’, the one where the festive feeling falls more than a little bit flat. Us grown ups are exhausted and have way too much to get done even with our simpler approach this year, while the kids are fed up with the hype and just want our attention. Presence over presents most definitely. They need their rhythm back. We all do. Rhythm is the most magical part of Waldorf and since establishing ours we really feel it when it gets off balance. 



Each year the December madness gets a bit less fun and a heap more exhausting and stressful. This year we simplified the activities and scaled back the gift giving but it isn’t enough. The kids aren’t really bothered about the gifts or the activities, they just want their rhythm back and are as sick of seeing us rush around trying to get everything done as we are of doing it. The crazy part is I actually have no idea why we do it to ourselves, I actually prefer the idea of celebrating the Winter Solstice with a handmade gift swap, which we are also doing this year. Maybe it’s because we’ve been living a simpler life since really digging into Waldorf or maybe it’s always been there……

So, instead of continuing to drag ourselves through the festive chaos, from tomorrow we are stopping. Aside from our December tradition of a daily audio story and read aloud we are returning to our usual rhythm, looking towards the simple Solstice celebrations we have planned and keeping Christmas for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Lesson learned, less is so much more.




Blogmas Day 15, ‘Pinecones, Parcels and the Beach’

Today The Bundles have been decorating pine cones with sparkly pipe cleaners to make mini Christmas trees for our winter corner……




We also had a parcel to collect from a local parcel depot we had no idea existed and a bit of shopping to do, a fruitless search for some festive PJs for The Bundles……online shopping tonight it is then! 

While we were out we stopped off at the beach for a walk and a play. The wind was chilly but not as cold as I would like, I’m hoping for the nights to get down close to freezing again while everybody else is hoping it stays mild! 


Blogmas Day 14, ‘Applesaucery’

Today we were invited to help our home ed friends process an abundance of apples……

We thought the apple harvest was over for this year, but it appears there are still plenty around and it made for a great day working together to produce jars of delicious apple sauce to share. We were rewarded with a yummy pasta lunch and lovely company. 

 The kids all helped for a short while, but soon decided eating the apples was more fun and went off to play. The Bundles love playing with their friends, they have a lovely big house with plenty of room to play and explore and they had hours of fun together. At one point they got out the musical instruments and formed a rather loud ‘band’ for our entertainment, and there were tantrums when we had to leave! 

Apple sauce for pudding tonight 😉

Blogmas day 13, Winter Skies, Tree Festival and Gingerbread Hot Chocolate……



Today began gloomily. Tantrums and squabbles galore. We needed to pop out and get some errands done, parcels to post, a couple of small gifts to find……

But a busy morning led to a fun afternoon of visiting a Tree Festival and having drinks with some of our home ed group friends at a lovely little cafe.


The kids all had fun exploring the pathways through the trees, while us grown ups took in the festive atmosphere. Then we all enjoyed and teas, hot chocolates, milkshakes and smoothies. Some unsuspecting diners had their tranquil lunches interrupted by us arriving complete with excited kids, but they were all well behaved and got plenty of smiles from the nearby tables.



Us grown ups enjoyed good company and chat while having our drinks ‘tasted’ by the kids and rescuing milkshake glasses from small elbows. I had a gingerbread hot chocolate which was delicious, although not as good as the gingerbread soda I had when we did this trip last year, note to self, buy some gingerbread syrup and whip up some festive soda!

It’s a great festive tradition for our home ed group and we enjoy it immensely, especially when it arrives on a grey winters day to calm the tantrums and add a warm community feel to the festive season.