‘Findus and the Christmas Tomte’

 We received a real treat from our friends at Hawthorn Press, in the shape of the latest Findus and Pettson book!



Published by Hawthorn Press on October 1st, this is a brand new story in a chapter book format, so a fair bit longer than the usual picture books, and it is real treat! As anyone who is familiar with these books will expect, the illustrations are magical, and with surprises hidden within the details of every picture be sure to look closely! For those who have yet to meet this hilarious and endearing duo, this is the perfect time to make their acquaintance. 

The story begins as December dawns, and is told over seventeen delightful chapters, as Findus, the talking cat waits determinedly (and rather impatiently!) for the Yule Tomte to visit him. Pettson, meanwhile is doing his best not to panic. The Yule Tomte simply must make an appearance this Christmas Eve. How can he ensure Findus is not disappointed? 

Pettson embarks upon an elaborate building project, doing his best to keep it secret from Findus, which is of course going to prove tricky. Designing a convincing Yule Tomte that can walk, talk and open doors is no mean feat and Findus is determined to figure out just what his friend is up to. Will Pettson succeed?  



Find your copy here, and join Findus and Pettson this December as they prepare for Christmas. You might just meet some magical new friends along the way…..

An enchanting read for children and adults alike, this delightful new offering is ideal for a December read aloud around the fire with mugs of hot chocolate. A must for the festive season!




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