#100WaystoHomeEd Blog Hop Post

This post is part of the #100WaystoHomeEd blog hop, which you can read about here 

Yesterday’s post was from Midnakit’s Art Blog and today it’s our turn to share a bit about our approach to home ed……


We have home educated from the beginning, and we are following the Steiner/Waldorf approach which for early childhood involves lots of play with natural toys and materials, following the rhythm of the home, celebrating seasonal festivals and, in our case, following a simple Kindergarten curriculum. 

It isn’t essential to follow a curriculum for Waldorf Kindergarten, and there there are no academics or formal ‘lessons’ until age 7. We follow this one, which involves a weekly seasonal story told over three sessions each week, with simple props to play with and related arts and crafts activities. Our Kindy sessions usually take around 30 minutes, and the Kindergarten we follow is for children age 4/5 to 6 years old 


We also; play, create, go on adventures, rest, bake, go to to various parks and on walks, we attend a home ed group, visit the library, go shopping and run errands and sometimes go swimming or to indoor activity centres. We explore beaches, woodlands and other places of interest and also share seasonal picture books and audio stories, and play lots of board games!

So that’s a snapshot of how we home ed, if you are interested in finding out more about Waldorf early childhood and Kindergarten we also have a great guide here


To read tomorrow’s post and to follow the blog hop or even join in yourself, head over here 🙂



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