Waldorf Home Ed in Winter

Time for an update! Here’s some of what we’ve been getting up to this winter……


It’s been pretty stormy here, plenty of wind and rain and lots of indoor activities for us! We did get down to the beach, and to some local parks and we also headed to the local pool for a swim which we all enjoyed.





Bundle Number One is enjoying getting back to our weekly Kindergarten stories and activities, this week we celebrated Candlemas. For us this was all about the badger coming out to look for his shadow, we told the story and then had fun playing with the props


There was actually enough light for the badger to see his shadow, despite the stormy weather we’ve been having, (we checked outside too 😉 ) so apparently winter isn’t done yet!

For our craft activity we dipped some beeswax candles using local beeswax, they smell delicious. No pics because we were too buy dipping! 

Image result for waldorf candlemas


We’ve been building with some of our new wooden blocks and shapes, we have a bunch of these, some are bought and others are made. The differing shapes, sizes and grains make for a more varied play experience, and as a result the rainbow gnomes have been enjoying all sorts of adventures including their own castle and a swimming pool built by Bundle Number One! A great combination for open ended play.

For quiet time, we’ve been  making full use of our subscription and putting on a Sparkle Story while we do some threading with these tactile wooden beads. 




A big winner this Winter has definitely been these cooperative board games, it is so much more fun to play when no one is fighting about who wins!


Shadows in the Woodsis perfect for winter afternoons it’s a really magical game, needs close adult supervision because it involves a lit candle but it is well worth it to see those glowing faces working together to help the gnomes dodge the shadows and gather in safety. It’s pricey but it includes more than one playing option and is extremely high quality. 

‘Orcahard’ is a delightful game involving working together to pick all of the fruit in the orchard before the hungry raven swoops in. Read more in our post ‘Cooperation, Fruits and a raven’ and check out more HABA games here

We are also discovering these lovely yoga cards, we are all totally new to yoga but these are so much fun to play with……especially when it’s an indoor day with littles and you need to get those wiggles out!  





Story time is always a regular feature here but even more so during winter, here are some of our winter favourites……


‘Winter’ by Gerda Muller

‘The Mitten’ by Jan Brett

‘Ollie’s Ski Trip’ by Elsa Beskow

The tomten and the Foxby Astrid Lindgren

Pippa and Pelle in the Winter Snow‘ by Daniela Drescher


What have you been up to this winter?



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