Choosing a Waldorf Curriculum……

 We first came to Waldorf Essentials a couple of years ago when we reviewed the Kindy curriculum for Melisa, we were so impressed with the content that we signed up for the old membership, the new version of which is called Thinking, Feeling, Willing + 

Thinking, Feeling, Willing is a Waldorf home ed teacher training programme and I truly cannot recommend it enough,  Everything you need to learn and master for your Waldorf journey is set out right there in the Mom Lessons. A huge bonus is that it is such great value for money, it’s the most affordable Waldorf curriculum we found and the customer care at W.E really is second to none.

We found that one of the most important things when choosing a curriculum provider is to find a voice that you like, both for the written aspect and the supporting audios, videos etc. We instantly warmed to Melisa because as a fellow home educator with five children, the youngest of which is 5 years old, she really does ‘get it’ she has a great sense of humour, a huge heart and so much wisdom to share. 

Right now we are following year one kindy which is just beautiful! The content guides you through the seasons with original weekly stories and carefully chosen crafts and activities, for example, baking, painting, drawing, and modelling, all of which meet the child perfectly. The downloadable Kindergarten curriculum actually comes as an entire course which includes a book on early childhood which guides you through Waldorf home life with little ones, information on rhythm, circle, festivals, movement and the nature table, monthly handwork for parents with projects and video guides, circle verses for each month and even a recipe book! We are having so much fun with it 🙂


 To find out more, check out Melisa’s weekly videos  and the W.E blog


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