This week we have been discussing how to begin building our weekly day of rest, inspired by the lovely folks at Sparkle Stories  

We were excited to discover this new story series for 2017, and loved the introductory story. As usual anything Martin and Sylvia are up to sparks the interest of Bundle Number One and we definitely could use a day of rest each week, so we decided to give it a try.

 After listening to the story we discussed our ideas for what makes a rest day, which things we would rather not do on our rest day and which things we would like to do more of. We are following Martin and Sylvia’s mum and dad with the idea of taking one thing out or adding one in each month. This month we are working on reducing how much washing up we do.

We rarely eat convenience foods, and don’t want to add them to our menu. We also don’t want to use paper plates and create more waste, so in order for this to work we need preparation!

We decided that Tuesday mornings will be for baking and we will bake cinnamon rolls for a ‘no plate’ Wednesday breakfast. We can also use this time to make a soup or stew which can be kept in the fridge for Wednesday dinner. For lunch we will make ‘no plate’sandwiches.

We are excited to get started! We begin next week when we get back to rhythm after the holidays, and will check in each week with an update……

In the meantime if you want to find out more, or even start building a day of rest for your family, you can listen to the introductory story ‘A Year to Build a Day’ and find some great tips and inspiration to help build your own rest day here 

 If  you are joining in do let us know 🙂   


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  1. Beginning…… – adventures with monster

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