Cooperation, Fruits and a Raven……

We found something to help with the squabbles, cooperative board games!

Our kids are just at ages where they are now both able to play simple games. However, they are still little and at the age where anything competitive is a disaster, squabbles abound. They are not ready for that yet and we are not pushing it. Rather running from it in the name of peace!

Recently we found the answer in some really great games which work perfectly for quiet times and in breaths, times when we need to regroup between activities, with a great chance to model turn taking and cooperation.

One of our new favourites is Orchard, which is a beautifully made game with so much attention to detail. The little wooden fruits are so tactile and the baskets are delightful! Us grown ups wanted to play as much as the kids did, and we have been playing lots over the festive season.


The idea is to work together to get all of the fruits picked before the raven eats them.You play by colour of fruit, making the dice easy to understand. If you roll a basket picture you get to pick two fruits and if you roll a raven picture you add a puzzle card to the centre of the board to make the raven picture. Any fruits left when the puzzle is complete are fair game for the hungry bird so all players are working together cheering each other on to fill their baskets rather than arguing over who has more.

OK, so our kids still squabbled over who sits by which tree and who folds up the board but hey,  it’s a start! And they did feel sorry for the raven when all the fruits were picked, and offered him some……

Do you and your family have any favourite  cooperative games, any recommendations?


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5 thoughts on “Cooperation, Fruits and a Raven……

  1. Waldorf Home Ed in Winter – adventures with monster

  2. We have the Orchard game too, but in the mini version so we don’t have those sweet baskets. Another game that is suitable for young children is Max the Cat which my children still enjoy. We have a few others Herbcraft ( learning about herbs and their uses) and The Secret door ( a memory game) and Princess but they are for a little older children. How old are your two? Best Wishes Anna

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      • Yes I think it’s a 7 + sort of game but saying that depends on the individual child’s readiness I guess and each little one could play with a parent and learn it that way. It is so fascinating learning all the uses of herbs for ailments. We love it! You are never too young to learn about all the precious herbs around you 🙂

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