Obligatory New Year Post, ‘Simplifying’

Happy New Year Everybody!

Instead of making too many new year’s resolutions, which don’t get stuck to beyond the first week of January and have us all feeling like failures before we begin, this year we are keeping it simple, simplifying.

 As part of this simplifying, we are joining Sparkle Stories in their ‘Year to Build a Day’ which involves building a day of rest, one day each week where we work less and rest more. How this looks is different for each family and we will be sharing how it looks for us throughout the year. Yesterday we listened to the introductory story, which you can listen to here  (and please do, it’s well worth it!) 

After listening to the story,  we chose our day and then made our lists just like Martin and Sylvia’s family. Bundle Number One is very excited to get started, just like brother and sister in the story.  Do let us know if you are joining in too, we would love to hear from you!

We also have our new daily and weekly rhythms set, each with a ‘less is more’ approach to what we do. For our weekly rhythm we have three ‘Kindergarten days’ (Kindergarten is actually only around 45 minutes to one hour) , two afternoons of home ed groups, a weekly food shopping trip and a weekly cleaning day, our rest day and plenty of space for play time and downtime, board games, stories, good food, crafting and creating…… also need to work on the much coveted Waldorf prize of getting up before the kids. It works. Really, it does. But getting up at 6am takes practice, oh and learning to play the pentatonic flute is a thing here too……  



Are you making any resolutions this year, anyone else simplifying?



4 thoughts on “Obligatory New Year Post, ‘Simplifying’

    • Thank you 🙂 We’ve been learning and adapting for a couple years now and we love the Waldorf approach. There are a few things that don’t resources are with us but we are taking what fits our family as many ‘Waldorfers’ do, hopefully some of my posts might be helpful! x

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