Between Christmas, New Year and Twelfth Night……


We are still feeling festive here and, after having a horrible cold all over Christmas which is now easing,  we are ready to get back to the feasting and relaxing 🙂 We have been playing lots and generally just kicking back and relaxing while we enjoy the slower pace Christmas brings and explore our gifts. I have been drinking lots of Sonnentor Christmas tea which I would highly recommend, it tastes very Christmassy and is ideal for cold, frosty days and nights



We have an extended holiday so we are celebrating with a special dinner on new years day and keeping the slow pace a while longer since our usual groups don’t start back until the second week of January. As part of the slower pace, we are sharing lots of quiet time with some new story books and also playing some new cooperative board games, we love these because no one fights over who wins and the object of the games is to work together which makes things so much better with little ones playing! More about the board games soon 😉



I have our winter Kindy plans ready and we begin back with that on 6th January, which is also our twelfth night party when we take down our decorations and trees and have a special dinner, so our Kindy story  for next week will be about how our gnome celebrates twelfth night. We will also be taking time to find spaces for all of our Christmas gifts and caring for our home by cleaning and tidying together.

Also Kindy and home ed related, I am excited to begin working through an online course in January with Waldorf Essentials and I am also learning to play this beautiful instrument




We all have some spending money and to begin with we have decided to buy some winter Sparkle Stories, we love Martin and Sylvia and we are already missing our daily story from the audio advent calendar so this seems like the perfect idea. We generally prefer to buy the stories we like because this allows us to make CDs for the car and for quiet time, but I am also thinking we should subscribe while we have some spare cash so that we can listen to the new Martin and Sylvia series each month. 

What’s everyone else up to this week?




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