Blogmas day 13, Winter Skies, Tree Festival and Gingerbread Hot Chocolate……



Today began gloomily. Tantrums and squabbles galore. We needed to pop out and get some errands done, parcels to post, a couple of small gifts to find……

But a busy morning led to a fun afternoon of visiting a Tree Festival and having drinks with some of our home ed group friends at a lovely little cafe.


The kids all had fun exploring the pathways through the trees, while us grown ups took in the festive atmosphere. Then we all enjoyed and teas, hot chocolates, milkshakes and smoothies. Some unsuspecting diners had their tranquil lunches interrupted by us arriving complete with excited kids, but they were all well behaved and got plenty of smiles from the nearby tables.



Us grown ups enjoyed good company and chat while having our drinks ‘tasted’ by the kids and rescuing milkshake glasses from small elbows. I had a gingerbread hot chocolate which was delicious, although not as good as the gingerbread soda I had when we did this trip last year, note to self, buy some gingerbread syrup and whip up some festive soda!

It’s a great festive tradition for our home ed group and we enjoy it immensely, especially when it arrives on a grey winters day to calm the tantrums and add a warm community feel to the festive season.  





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