Our Waldorf Advent, week three


Sunday 11th December 2016

Week Three

This week is all about the animals, we will be continuing with our advent story and finding out what our little gnome is doing. For related activities we will be adding some little creatures to our Advent space, going on a wildlife walk and watching for the animals who visit our garden and surrounding land. We will also be talking about what Winter means for them and how we can help them.


At our Waldorf group we will be threading popcorn and dried fruits onto thread to keep our feathered friends well fed while festively decorating our gardens. We are also having our Advent Spiral this week, it’s our very first one which is extra exciting!


2 thoughts on “Our Waldorf Advent, week three

  1. Thanks for the pretty, calm blog posts! It’s great to see what others’ takes on the holidays! We were treated to a new experience yesterday when the city, San Francisco, put on a nice breakfast at our Rec center to get the neighborhood to all come out for holiday cheer. It was brilliant!

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