Blogmas Day 8, Candy Cane Craft and ‘Eggs in a Poke’

Our festive gnome, Eggnog, is delivering activity suggestions and things to try for each day of December…… 


Today’s activity was making pipe cleaner candy canes to decorate our tree! Along with a handwritten note in a tiny wooden advent house,  Eggnog always leaves any supplies we might need for our activity in his little box beneath the tree. Today we found a collection of red and white pipe cleaners.

After breakfast we got to work making our candy canes. This activity is simple enough for most little ones to have a go at, Bundle Number One is five and managed it himself, Bundle Number Two needed a little help.


We also tried another new activity today, which was inspired by yesterday’s Martin and Sylvia Advent story when they had ‘eggs in a poke’ for breakfast. We hadn’t heard of this before but thankfully the lovely people at Sparkle Stories had thought of this and added a ‘how to’ on their blog.

Bundle Number One was thrilled to discover we could make this new dish ourselves so we decided to try it for lunch……


Festive and nutritious, Yum! I would’ve added the avocados and tomatoes personally, but neither Bundle wanted any embellishments so we kept it simple. The Bundles tucked in, discussing which of them would be Martin and which would be Sylvia!





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