Blogmas Day 7, Gift Ideas for Home Ed Families

Stuck for gift ideas for a home educating family you know? Try these……





Membership Passes for Attractions and Trips Out


English Heritage Membership

National Trust Membership


Parenting Magazine Subscriptions

We like this one and this one


Audio Story Subscriptions and Collections

We love these



Check with the family in question first and find out if there is something in particular they are looking to get, we love Waldorf Essentials



Home Ed Planners and more

We love planners and other handy guides and packs! For gift ideas to help a home ed family begin the new year feeling organised and ready, try here and here



Creative Supplies, Games and Toys

For a wide range of beautiful toys, games, art and craft materials try here and here 



For a wide selection of children’s books, books on festivals and celebrations, craft books and books on education, parenting and child health, try here

For magical Gnome tales go here and use code FRIENDS for 20% off through December

Anything by Ross Mountney is always a winner!





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