Waldorf Essentials, all the links you need in one handy post! (affiliate post)

Welcome to our handy Waldorf Essentials guide!

As you probably already know, we follow Waldorf Essentials curriculum for our home ed and we are huge fans. I often get questions about what Waldorf Essentials offers, where to find links and where to start, so I thought it would be helpful for anyone starting out, or simply interested in Waldorf homeschooling, to find all the links they need rounded up in one post.

So here it is……


If you want to find out what Waldorf Essentials is all about, try the following links……

About Waldorf Essentials

What is Waldorf?

Mentoring with Melisa

Thinking, Feeling, Willing Membership

For all things curriculum, go here……

Grade Placement


Grade One 

Grade Two 

Grade Three 

Grade Four 

Grade Five 

Grade Six 

Grades Seven plus 

Maths and Geometry

Music Products

Form Drawing Intensive

Writing Your Own Curriculum

Other Rescources


Find the T.H.R.I.V.E programme here……


For free content, samples and to follow the Waldorf Essentials blog, try the following……

Free Content



Enjoy! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Waldorf Essentials, all the links you need in one handy post! (affiliate post)

  1. Our Waldorf Advent, week two – adventures with monster

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