Caring for our inner Yeti……

Today is a prime example of when home ed seems like a ridiculous idea……


This week has begun with Bundle Number Two carrying on his new theme of waking up really early and proceeding to wake everybody else (and here I am working to get up before the kids……I love getting up in the dark and quiet but this is pushing it a bit)

To deal with this, us grown ups can choose to go to bed super early and lose our few evenings a week together and the craft time we are trying to get in (and beginning to panic about) for gift making, but be ready to greet the new day without acting like a Yeti with a thorn in it’s backside. Or we can have our evenings, stay up late and get up in full afore mentioned ‘Yeti mode’

Luckily yesterday night we chose the early bed option so at least today we are not exhausted, especially because both kids are grumpy. Bundle Number Two is struggling since turning three. He’s at a funny place right now, and is needing, and demanding a lot of extra attention. And Bundle Number One is coming down with a cold and is losing his temper with his brother/his toys/his shoes faster than usual. They are both needing us a little bit more than usual. We are both needing a little more self care than usual.

It’s feeling like a good day to press pause,  give up trying and put DVDs on. But that won’t help. That will only result in crazy behaviour because they have overdosed on Peter Rabbit. We’ve just got to a place where TV is limited to a couple times a week and their play is so much better as a result. They are playing imaginatively again and there has been less crazy. We have to stick with it. Instead of seeking refuge in screens we are gritting our teeth and sticking with our rhythm. They are off out for a walk, which nearly always works to get the wriggles out and get everybody grounded again. It’s not raining so that’s a bonus! It is chilly but that’s what hats and mittens are for (they actually want to wear them, my knitting efforts are useful after all!) 

This afternoon we have a group to go to, which we are all excited about. It’s a great group, full of like minded families and we get to drink yummy teas and chat with other grown ups. The Bundles can play with their regular group of friends, have a craft activity to join in with, and circle with songs, games, verses and  a lovely story. Then we all lunge at the table and stuff our faces like wild animals share snack together

Then we leave and they complain all the way home. They’re hungry/thirsty Seriously?! after all the snack they ate?! I mean, one week Bundle Number Two was so reluctant to waste any of it he mopped up the houmous on his plate with a banana. 

‘How much further is it?’……long enough for a few more songs on the radio and for us to gather the strength to go the next round which is that hideous wonderful part of the day just before dinner when everybody’s too tired to do much but too fidgety to chill out.

Then it’s dinner and bedtime and we can collapse on the sofa and watch telly get working on that craft list.

We will get stuff done this week. That craft list will get some ticks on it. A banana might get dipped in houmous but we can embrace that. Somewhere a Yeti might wish it was sat beneath a blanket binge watching festive films and knitting. The festive season is looming. Things are getting busy. 

But it’s forever worth it.


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