November Musings……

So, today is the first day of our first Waldorf Advent. November is nearly done, and has flown by as fast as October did…..


I do find Autumn is the quickest to go by out of all the seasons, probably because it’s my favourite and I’m so busy enjoying it,  this year especially as we are introducing and observing some of the Waldorf festivals and there are plenty of those during Autumn!

My favourite parts of November this year were definitely Bonfire night and Martinmas. Both outdoors in the Autumn air, both involving fire, warmth and light.

For Bonfire night we decided to have a quiet celebration. The Bundles are still little and not hugely keen on big noisy fireworks yet, and the thought of a large organised display wasn’t really our cup of tea anyway, so we celebrated in our garden with a little fire and a few sparklers. We enjoyed pasta bake and toffee apple bonfire cake to eat, and warm spiced apple juice to drink





For Martinmas, on 11th November, we tried our hand at making lanterns for a lantern walk. 



Initially we had a go at paper mache ‘bowl lanterns’ which basically involves covering the bottom of an inflated balloon with layered tissue paper before allowing to dry and popping the balloon, giving a lovely bowl shaped lantern into which you can place a tea light candle in a small jar giving a pretty effect when lit……unfortunately we used a bit too much wallpaper paste, and that combined with the fact our house is pretty damp, and despite leaving our creations near the heater to dry out, they were still soggy on the day of our lantern walk!

Thankfully we had a back up plan and decorated small jars with glue and tissue paper instead, which gives an equally beautiful effect but dries far quicker!

We each gathered a long, sturdy stick and after dark we lit our lanterns, hung them on our sticks and walked around our garden, singing a little lantern song. Then we enjoyed a root vegetable soup and some yummy bread The Bundles had helped make earlier in the day (they are far better cooks than me!)


What are your November favourites?


I am linking up with Stevie over at A Cornish Mum for her Liked and Loved Linky so why not pop over and check it out for some more November Musings and maybe even join in and link up with your own post?  🙂


9 thoughts on “November Musings……

  1. What a lovely few events you have done. They sound so much like my childhood as we too also preferred doing small fireworks in our back garden and I plan to do this with my kids when they are a bit older too. I also love the idea of a lantern parade. I have only ever been to one light lantern parade but it was wonderful and I will certainly be looking out for others in the future to go to.


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