What’s on my ‘festive cash list’?

It’s unusual to have some spare cash available to purchase a few treats for myself, so when the opportunity arises I already have a list simmering in the background 😉

We have a lot of extended family who are very kind to us at Christmas and usually send us all some festive spending money. The Bundles can pick out a few treats, and us grown ups can do the same, yay!

Here’s a look at what is on my ‘festive cash list’ this year……


Pentatonic Flute 

Music is an important part of Waldorf education, in the early years it is brought to the children by the parent or teacher playing an instrument, a skill I need to learn! I really like this style of pentatonic flute, such things are pricey but excellent quality. This is the kind of thing that doesn’t usually fit our budget at all so it’s a perfect opportunity to get one





I rarely buy shoes for myself, I am happy with a good pair of trainers, walking boots and wellies. My current trusty old pair of Skechers is showing signs of wear and tear, so it’s time for a new pair and these are the ones I have my eye on……




Image result for drops nepal wool yarn

Any excuse to buy more yarn 😉



There are some Waldorf craft and knitting books I have my eye on and I need no excuses for some book shopping!


Image result for gnome reading a book


Do you have the opportunity to treat yourself this year? What’s on your  list?



A Cornish Mum







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