Autumn so far……

It’s been a while since I posted a home ed update……



Autumn is a busy season here for festivals, all things apples, harvest time, Halloween, Bonfire Night and our little Lantern festival which is coming up this week. 


We have also settled back into our weekly rhythm and back to our regular home ed groups, where the kids are still enjoying running around outdoors together while us parents freeze. Thermal layers are a must already as the weather here has turned very chilly! There are plenty of winter themed activities coming up at group which will tempt them all indoors for at least a portion of the session (or at least that’s what we hope!) The Bundles are making some firm friends here now and us grown ups are enjoying the company of like minded families, our social calendar is looking fuller than ever!


Kindergarten is still in full swing, with plenty of crafts and activities to keep us busy three) mornings a week and the stories are a huge hit with both Bundles. Bundle Number Two likes to join in and listen to the story and we sometimes all do the activity together where appropriate. It is all such gentle, simple stuff but so effective, a magical learning experience (of course there are still also those parts of the day where everyone is climbing the walls, but we have seen huge improvements 😉 )


More soon and please share your Autumn fun, what have you been up to so far? 





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