Apples, back to home ed and some podcast discoveries…

Time for an update! …


Things are feeling decidedly autumnal here, the temperature is dropping although we have had some sun this afternoon after a rainy start. I love this time of year, it’s definitely a favourite and one of many reasons for that is ‘processing and preserving’ time, blackberries,  blackcurrants and elderberries from the hedgerows around our home and from a local fruit farm have been turned into cordials, jellies, jams and syrups and now it’s time to turn our attention to the apples!




We discovered a little apple stall on a drive this time last year when we were exploring our new surroundings (a whole year ago yesterday that we moved here!) so we were very happy to see it appear again this year and we have already put two large bags of apples to good use. So far we have been making apple sauce using a basic recipe of peeling the apples, popping them into a large pot with just enough water added to cover the apples and simmering until we get a good sauce consistency. We like to ‘spice to taste’ as we open each jar because some of us prefer plain and others like some autumnal spices added 😉



We have also made some apple cakes and tonight’s dinner is a sausage and apple casserole, delicious!

We are back to our home ed rhythm and yesterday we started on our 5 year old Kindergarten curriculum package from Waldorf Essentials, to which we add our own flair. Bundle Number One really enjoyed the seasonal verses and story along with our first activity of the season which we added ourselves… apple printing!



So, that’s our own ‘first week of autumn’ highlights. More soon and we would love to hear about what other home ed  families are doing this Autumn:-) 




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