Badger Sun Care Review…..

We love Badger products, so when I saw that the sun care range was coming to the U.K I was excited for us to try it 🙂

We were sent this lovely parcel containing all three of the Badger sunscreens, which we have been trying out this week. 



We tried Kid’s, Baby and Unscented. Each option costs £14.99 and they are all SPF 30 (find out more about SPF here)





We tried them all and each was a hit for different reasons, the Kid’s version smells delicious, just like chocolate orange! Bundle Number Two and Dada like this one best, Bundle Number One isn’t a fan of this one because he doesn’t like scented products and is hesitant to try new things because he has sensitive skin, so he preferred the Unscented option. The Baby one has a really calming, relaxing, gentle scent ideal for little ones (and grown ups alike!) I think the Unscented version is my favourite, I’m used to unscented sun care so it’s usually my preferred option.


Each version felt the same texture wise, it goes on quite thick and the first time I applied it I used way too much, a little goes a long way! I have since read this great guide on all things Badger sun care, including how much to apply and on adjusting the amount I was using it absorbs nicely but gives enough of a covering to feel like its really protecting the skin. It worked really well, hot sunny day at the beach, getting wet included and no sunburn here at all for any of us (and my skin is prone to turning lobster like if I’m not careful about sun protection!)

We did think that the price was a bit high for the average family needing to keep stocked up on sun care, but the fact that Badger sun care is certified 100% natural and contains 98% organic ingredients goes a long way for us, as does the fact it suits Bundle Number One’s sensitive skin while many other sun screens make him itchy and sore.

We would definitely buy this product regularly and would recommend giving it a try for your family 🙂




We were sent these products free of charge, in return for our review. All opinions are our own.



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