‘A Home Education Notebook’….

When we arrived back from our trip I was delighted to find a parcel on the doormat containing this…..


The newest book from much admired home education author, Ross Mountney published this week by Birds Nest Books


This is something I have really looked forward too, I love Ross’ writing, both in her books and on her blog and this particular publication looked especially interesting since it’s purpose is ‘…to encourage and inspire’ something I could definitely do with on many a home educating day, as I’m sure could many of my fellow ‘home eders’ 😉

I started reading as soon as there was a quiet moment and I am indeed encouraged and inspired. I am also hooked and eagerly awaiting some quiet time to settle and read on!

So far I am on Chapter 5 ‘Not-At-Home Education’ which talks about the fact that so much education happens outside the home, and that the term ‘Home Education’ can actually give quiet the wrong impression. So true.

There are 52 chapters in the book in total, one to turn to for each week of the year, all  focusing on a different aspect of home education, the good, the bad and the ugly!  I wanted to read one chapter per week but there’s no way I can wait so I’m reading the whole book through then beginning again in September with the start of our home ed year.

Ross has, once again, delivered the goods wrapped in a warm, humorous and understanding hug. She has been there and survived, as did her now grown up children (who you can read about in ‘A Funny Kind of Education’) so there is hope for us all!

I would absolutely recommend this book to other home educating families, it is one that will be a permanent fixture on our coffee table throughout the year, and many more to come. Thanks for all of your hard work, Ross. It is much appreciated and I am eagerly awaiting the day one of my children brings an owl pellet to the dinner table 🙂


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