Summer knitting project

I have wanted to try double pointed needles (dpns) for a while so I decided to get some and give sock knitting a try. Summer might seem an odd time to learn how to knit socks what but really it’s an ideal time, everything feels more relaxed, there are plenty of opportunities to sit and knit at the beach, in the garden, on picnics, anywhere really….. and plenty of space to practice before we need warmer socks ready for Autumn!

Bamboo dpns looked good and I have read that they are more ‘grippy’  than their metal or plastic counterparts meaning that the knitting is less likely to slip off the needles, one less thing to grapple with while learning! So I ordered those in a pack with sizes ranging from 2mm up to 10mm. They are a good length and are pleasantly easy to hold, the yarn definitely stays put so they were a good choice. I got them from Amazon for around £8 which was a bargain and the range of sizes means I can play around with different yarns.

Of course I needed sock yarn too, I chose two plain colours and two self patterning mixed colour balls (these are really fun to knit with)




I used online instructions for casting on, the ‘long tail cast on’ was recommended by it baffled me so I developed my own cast on which works well enough. I found an easy pattern online to follow and it worked, I can knit socks on dpns 🙂

 they’re not quite perfect yet, turning the heel and picking up stitches are tricky!

It’s addictive, and so much easier than I though it would be. I’ve already knitted two pairs and I have another on the needles 🙂







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