Findus goes Fishing…..a review


Findus goes Fishing

Written by Sven Nordqvist

Published by Hawthorn Press

‘Oh, what a day. I don’t feel like doing anything.’ ….. 


It’s a grey Autumn day and Farmer Pettson is not in a good mood.  Findus, however is full of enthusiasm for the day and wants to play all day, he is less than impressed when Pettson tells him that, although he doesn’t want to do anything, there are still plenty of chores to be done.

Hilarity ensuses as Findus tries every way he knows how to cheer up his friend, until farmer Pettson finally snaps and gets angry. The only idea Findus has left is fishing, that’s sure to help…or is it?


This story is slightly different to the others in the series as we see Farmer Pettson at his grumpiest, something which amused Bundle Number One greatly, as did Findus’ hilarious attempts to cheer his friend up. The story  holds a powerful message as Pettson begins to see the day through fresh eyes and appreciates the beauty around him. A must read for Findus and Pettson fans and for those who have not discovered them yet 🙂

Findus goes Fishing is a brand new story in the Findus and Pettson series and is available from 1st May 2016, so why not give yourself a May bank holiday treat and grab your copy here 



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