yarn and Kool Aid

We found this fun activity over on  Waldorf Essentials and couldn’t resist having a go at it ourselves.

The first thing we had to do was source some Kool Aid sachets which are not widely available here in the u.k but good old Amazon to the rescue and we found a variety pack for £5.95 with a variety of flavours, or in our case, colours!

We used a skein of undyed wool yarn which we made into two smaller skeins so The Bundles would have one each.




We began by soaking the yarn in white vinegar for a few minutes


Then we placed each skein in a separate zip lock bag 


Then we mixed up the Kool Aid following Melisa’s instructions (see link above)



and used spoons to add the colour to the yarn straight into the zip lock bag (keeps most of the mess in one place!)



then we removed the air from the bags and heat set the colour in the microwave for one minute before allowing it to cool and this is how it came out (the picture won’t rotate but you get the idea!)



This is sure to be a regular activity here it was a lot of fun to do, pretty mess free and a little goes a long way with the Kool Aid so we had a lot left to play with next time we do this activity.




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