Winter treats…

Yesterday we received a lovely, surprise parcel from Vicky at Badger Balm UK.
I wasn’t expecting anything and was delighted to find a beautiful box of Winter goodies inside 🙂



Included was;

Badger Sleep Balm

This really works, it’s soothing and smells wonderful, ideal for helping you get some much needed rest in the lead up to the festive season. find it here

Badger Hardworking Hands Balm

This stuff is a staple product here,which OH finds amazing for his cracked and chapped hands. A must for those Winter adventures when Jack Frost is around! find it here

Highland Mint Lip Care

(this one is new to us and I will be reporting back soon, it smells like candy canes…very Wintery and delicious!) find it here

Badger Aromatic Chest Rub

…an absolute favourite. This is the only product we use when we get coughs and colds. Suitable for all the family, it’s gentle, natural and very effective. Plus the very cute illustration on the tin help persuade The Bundles to allow me to apply it when they are fighting off the Winter sniffle germs. find it here

and, excitingly, one of the new Badger Hair Oils

(which I will be trying and reporting back on. It smells lovely, very fruity and I am interested to see the results especially as I have recently had my long hair cropped) find it here

These products make wonderful festive treats and stocking fillers so why not treat someone to a little bit of Badger magic this Winter? 😉



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