Itchybald Scratchet Book Three…a review


Itchybald Scratchet Book 3

The Missing Friend

By Sue C.Medcalf

This is the third book in the charming Itchybald Scratchet series, our friend Itchy is back and he has a decision to make…

Following his adventures in Book Two things are beginning to look up for Itchy and his young family, however one of his friends has not been so lucky and he sets out on a brave rescue with his fellow badger friend, Fidget. There are hazards lurking ahead and, unbeknownst to the Badgers, their missing friend has met an upple (badger speak for people!) could this mean betrayal, will they rescue their friend in time? You must read to find out 😉

This delightful series of stories is a must for all badger fans and any lovers of little animals having adventures. As always, the story is absorbing and exciting with the accompanying illustrations by Nicole Poulsom perfectly complimenting the text. 


Written by Sue C.Medcalf, a mother, grandmother and wildlife enthusiast with the intention to ‘encourage children of all ages to benefit, enjoy and learn from reading’ one which these books are sure to achieve. 

Why not treat someone you love to the full set of Itchybald Scratchet books this Christmas, they would make a great gift for children of all ages, or indeed settle down under a cozy blanket one chilly afternoon and enjoy them yourself 😉 You can find them here

I was sent this book, free of charge, in return for my review.All opinions are my own.


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