Itchybald Scratchet Book 2 ‘Return from Rainbow Ravine’…a review

A few months back I reviewed the first in the Itchybald Scratchet series (read our review here)

After a bit of a delay due to our relocation, I am now pleased to share my review of the second book;


Itchybald Scratchet Book 2

Return from Rainbow Ravine

by Sue C.Medcalf

Following my review of Book One in the Itchybald Scratchet series, I was excited to read the next installment and find out what happened to Itchy and his friends. The first book ended on a cliff hanger with Itchy and friends trapped with ‘upples’ (their word for ‘people’, which I think is a very cute touch) approaching and pizza loving ‘Enormouse’ ‘s tummy rumbling and so I was pleased to find that this book continues straight on from that point.

The same familiar characters are present in Book 2, along with some new friends with equally brilliant names as our pizza loving friend ‘Enormouse’, ‘Neighomi’ the shire horse for one! The story is beautifully written and engaging, complimented by some lovely illustrations by Nicole Poulson


and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves badgers and has a sense of adventure!

So, do Itchy and friends manage to escape the upples and find the gold they need in time to save their homes?…aha, I didn’t tell the first time and I’m not telling now either! To find out what becomes of our badger friend please visit Itchy’s website here where you will find the Itchybald Scratchet Trilogy and enjoy the books for yourself (and perhaps grab a set for a badger loving friend or relative ready for Christmas? 😉 )


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