‘Another Twinkle in the Eye’ by Elaine Hanzak…a review

 Having read author and mum Elaine Hanzak’s excellent (autobiographical) first book ‘Eyes Without Sparkle’, an emotional and inspiring account of her experience of severe Perinatal Illness, I was thrilled at the opportunity to review a proof copy of her latest, and very important, new book…


‘Another Twinkle in the Eye’ 

By Elaine Hanzak

Due for Publication in early September 2015

 Radcliffe Publishing

‘Another Twinkle in the Eye’ is a one stop resource for any family considering a new addition following the experience of Perinatal Illness. In her work as ‘full time speaker and ‘expert by experience’ on the subject’ Elaine has been asked many times for advice on approaching this decision and, as a result, this new book has been written;

‘… to answer that dilemma and serve as a guide for both parents and Professionals’

I am very pleased to report that it does just that!

With Elaine’s familiar, ‘Down to Earth’ style and willingness to share her own experiences of Perinatal Illness alongside contributions from a host of relevant Professionals and combined with the findings of a Questionnaire, completed by mothers and their partners and created to provide vital additional information to support the text, this important new book is most definitely to be recommended!

I feel that the experiences very bravely shared by real families makes all the difference. Readers will, no doubt feel a sense of ‘community’ as they share inspiring and thought provoking snippets of others’ journeys throughout the book. (A copy of this Survey is thoughtfully included in the book as an Appendix which made a very interesting read.)

Covering just about every thought, emotion and practical suggestion necessary, this is a real must both for families and Health Care Professionals. The book has been thoughtfully compiled into relevant and easy to access ‘Chapters’ making it possible to dip in and out whenever you feel the need for information and support on a specific aspect of the subject. Everything is addressed thoroughly without leaving the reader feeling overwhelmed. Medical conditions are explained well with the addition of a ‘Glossary’ containing abbreviations of terminology used.  Also Included is an invaluable wealth of further reading, information and resources.

One of my personal favourite parts of the book is the concept of having a ‘Birth Library’ rather than a ‘Birth Plan’, this lovely (and far more realistic, might I add!) idea is just a small example of the empowering advice and suggestions included in the book. i would love to share more but I encourage enjoy your own copy and discover the wisdom for yourselves, it is well worth the wait I promise!

I firmly believe that a copy of ‘Another Twinkle in the Eye’ should be made readily available to all Professionals and Families who may be involved with such a decision. A very important and much needed resource which I am certain will be appreciated by so many people. 

You can find out more about author Elaine Hanzak at her website here where you will also find her blog and further information about her previous book ‘Eyes Without Sparkle’ 


This book was sent to me (free of charge) in return for review. all opinions are my own.

A Cornish Mum


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