Itchybald Scratchet, The Tales Begin…a review

I have just returned from an adventure with a lovely Badger called Itchybald Scratchet….

On discovering Itchybald Scratchet’s  website  approached his friend, author Sue. C. Medcalf with the offer of reviewing Itchybald’s adventures. 

I was sent two lovely books, the first two parts of Itchybald’s story and I am now delighted to share my review of:


Book 1 ‘Itchybald Scratchet, The Tales Begin’

by Sue.C.Medcalf

Illustrated by Nicole Poulsom

Priced £6.99

The story is all about an adventure to save ‘Badger Wood’ which is under threat from ‘Upples’ (the badger word for ‘people’) Itchybald Scratchett (Itchy) sets out to save his home with the help of his wife, ‘Matty’ and new found friend, pizza loving  ‘Enormouse’ (Norm). With plenty of scrapes and near misses on the way, can Itchy and his friends really save Badger Wood? and what really did happen to Auntie Twiddle?

…I’m not telling, you will have to grab yourself a copy of this lovely book and find out for yourselves 😉

I really enjoyed the first part of Itchy’s adventure, the story is beautifully written with complimentary (and very endearing) illustrations.  A hit for children and adults alike!

The characters are brilliant, with obvious attention to detail regarding their personalities…especially the pizza loving ‘Norm’!

The Bundles are a still bit young for such a big story but I’m sure they will love it as much as I do when they hear it and one day will read it and enjoy it themselves.

Book 1 ends on a cliffhanger so I am very much looking forward to reading the next installment Book 2 ‘Return From Rainbow Ravine’…watch this space!

I was sent these books, free of charge,  in return for review. All opinions are my own.


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