Puck the Gnome by Jakob Streit…a review

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Puck the Gnome

by Jakob Streit

Translated by Nina Kuettel

This week, through a very special book, I have been on an adventure with my new little friend, Puck the Gnome.  From the very first page I warmed to this little fellow with his cheerful demeanor, especially as he falls victim to two unkind brothers who make fun of the way he looks…Puck overhears these two brothers discussing his unfortunate features and decides to teach them a lesson with the help of a friendly snail and some ‘gluey slime’, and so begins an exciting and educational adventure for Puck as he tries to outwit the brothers, making some new friends along the way. Luckily, the Gnome King sees through certain events and recognises Puck as the truthful, kindhearted Gnome that he is and rewards him by fulfilling a wish…

This is an absolute treasure of a book, magical, educational, warm and funny. So cleverly written by a man who must have been wonderful to know. This is a story that will be read year upon year in our household and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to review it and to discover the work of Jakob Streit thanks to translator, Nina Kuettel 

Bundle Number One is still just a bit young for chapter stories, but I am very excited to share this book with him when he is a bit older, he loves Gnomes as much as I do (perhaps even more 😉 )

The story of Puck the Gnome would be a wonderful addition to the bookshelves of anyone with a love of enchantment, adults and children alike will enjoy it…


visit ‘Handwoven Words’ and join Puck the Gnome on his adventure here   



2 thoughts on “Puck the Gnome by Jakob Streit…a review

  1. I’m so happy to have had a hand in helping English-speaking readers get to know the works of Swiss author Jakob Streit. Thanks so much for your favorable reviews of my translations!


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