The Little Gnome Tenderroot by Jakob Streit…a review

This is the first in a series of reviews which  we are very excited about 🙂

Nina Kuettel, of Handwoven Words, very kindly approached me with the offer of choosing some beautiful books to read and review, a few weeks later a wonderful package arrived for us…


We have now read the first of the books and are ready to share our thoughts with you!


The Little Gnome Tenderroot

by Jakob Streit

Illustrated by Georges Feldmann

Translated by Nina Kuettel

Published by The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

In this delightful little book we are introduced to Little Gnome Tenderroot, who lives under the earth and is learning all about the seasons. We meet Little Gnome Tenderroot in the autumn in ‘Little Gnome Tenderroot and the Tree Spirit’ and follow his adventures through Winter, Spring, Summer and back around to the following Autumn. We will be re-reading these tales seasonally for years to come!

This book is a work of art, beautifully written and wonderfully descriptive it really is a little piece of magic which we would thoroughly recommend to other families with young children (and of course to fellow ‘grown ups’ who love Gnomes and all things magical 😉 )

Little Gnome Tenderroot is an extremely loveable character, curious about the world around him and full of wonder for all he experiences and Bundle Number One and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting him 🙂



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