Sparkle Stories…a review

Sparkle Stories

As part of our efforts to reduce our television time before we start with Kindergarten in September, Bundle Number One and I wanted to find some appropriate audio stories for us to share. We were thrilled to discover Sparkle Stories   

At Home With Martin And Sylvia

ages 3-7

We chose to review the At Home With Martin and Sylvia stories because, as well as being age appropriate for Bundle Number One (who is 4) these were the stories which appealed to me the most! I liked the fact that these stories centre around a family at home and their everyday adventures, a reflection of our own lifestyle which I knew Bundle Number One would identify with and enjoy hearing about.

The stories themselves are very well written and beautifully delivered in a gentle, clear and descriptive tone. They last around 20 minutes which is just right for Bundle Number One. The family featured in these stories are very well observed, and there is plenty of humour included along with a healthy sprinkling of subtle life lessons and ideas.

We both particularly love ‘No Boo Boo Day’, in which the whole family try not to get a ‘boo boo’ after finding themselves with so many the previous day. Bundle Number One found this very amusing and ‘boo boo’ is now firmly planted in our vocabulary! His favourite character is Sylvia (age 5)

‘I love her because she is funny and she is a bit like me, we both do funny things sometimes’

We were lucky enough to receive five stories from the Martin and Sylvia At Home collection and have now listened to them all (more than once!) Bundle Number One has decided that his little brother’s nap time is the perfect time for him and I to share a Sparkle Story together which I am really pleased about. Its lovely to have this quiet time together and I enjoy these stories as much as he does! The fact that he is listening to such rich stories and using his imagination to visualise the content fills me with joy. Sparkle Stories are definitely a hit with us and we will certainly be subscribing and making them a part of our daily rhythm.

There is a wide range of subscription choices available at Sparkle Stories appropriate from age 3 years -9 years+.  You can view these options and listen to some sample stories here. You can also join the mailing list to receive a free story. Subscriptions are easy to set up and very reasonably priced (there is also a new App coming soon which we are very excited about!)  

There are also audio books available as ‘single purchase, self contained tales’ we will be choosing some of these for the car

We would highly recommend Sparkle Stories to families with children aged 3-9years+, they are perfect for quiet time, for listening to when they are poorly and snuggled up on the sofa, for car journeys and just for fun! Check them out and see which is your family’s favourite!

We received some Sparkle Stories (free of charge) in return for our review. All opinions are our own. The images used in this post are taken from Sparkle Stories website.


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