‘Who’s Not In School?’ by Ross Mountney…a review

We were lucky enough to be sent this brand new children’s book for review, it is something we have been very excited about and we were thrilled to receive our pre-publication copy on Friday…


Who’s Not In School? by Ross Mountney

Illustrated by James Robinson

Published by Bird’s Nest Books

Priced £7.99

We heard about this exciting new Bird’s Nest Books publication via author and home educator, Ross Mountney’s blog. Having read Ross’ previous books about home education (and loving them!) I was sure this new children’s picture book, aimed for children aged 3-6 years, would not disappoint!

The book, which is beautifully illustrated by 18 year old James Robinson, who was home educated himself 😉  follows a week in the life of a home educating family with three children of varying ages and is designed to

…help to dispel the stereotypes that are often held about home educators’  

and it certainly does so in my opinion! I don’t want to give away too much of the actual story, I want to leave it for you to enjoy, and you will, I promise! Rather I will say that I particularly like the way the family are shown taking part in a variety of activities throughout their week as, in our experience, the mere mention of ‘home education’ can have people assuming that we never leave the house let alone mix with any other families! I love the humorous adventures of the youngest member of the family, Harry (Bundle Number Two is just like him!) I also love the illustrations which compliment the story perfectly.

WNIS pictures2

Bundle Number One was thrilled to help me review this book, at the mere mention of the title his eyes lit up in recognition of the fact that this book was a story about children like him!  As i read the story, his smile broadened and he was giggling aloud by the time we reached Harry’s ‘toilet based’ experiment’ (which he was keen to show his own little brother, in the hope he might give him ideas…!) He loves the illustrations too and has delighted in noticing new little details each time we have shared the story. He has asked for this story over and over again and within two days we both know it by heart, I tried to keep it on my ‘review shelf’ until I had this post written but it he insisted this is his book and it must live on his shelf!

 It really is great to have a book which reflects our own life choices (after a fruitless search for just that) and we would love to see more please!


‘Who’s Not In School’ is published on 27th May 2015 and is available to pre-order now 

We were sent this book (free of charge) in return for our review. All opinions are our own.


5 thoughts on “‘Who’s Not In School?’ by Ross Mountney…a review

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  4. What a delightful review and praise indeed that you’ve had to read it over and over! Thank you very much. It’s so very heart warming to know that the story has achieved my ambition in writing it! All the very best. x

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