Findus Goes Camping…a review


Findus Goes Camping

Priced £11.99

Published by Hawthorn Press

This is the second Findus story we have read and I am pleased to say we enjoyed it as much as the first (see Findus Plants Meatballs)

This time, Farmer Pettson and his friend, Findus the cat are off on a Camping adventure thanks to Findus’ discovery of a ‘dangerous sausage lying around the attic’ 


Pettson decides a hike into the mountains is in order so that he can try out his ‘new invention’ Findus, however  is too excited to sleep in the tent and wants to camp closer to home…with the comedic addition of the Hens  joining the trip, it looks like Findus might just get his way!


Fun and danger ensue as Pettson unveils his new invention, a ‘fishing bow’, between this and the strange noises Findus hears after dark the camping trip may not have been such a good idea after all…


I shared this story with Bundle Number One and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially like the beautiful illustrations with their little hidden treasures and the gentle pace of the story with it’s now familiar characters. Bundle Number One was enthralled by the story, laughing at the pesky hens laying eggs in the sleeping bag and enjoying the suspense of the night sounds.

Coming soon, our third review in this series Findus and The Fox 

We were kindly sent this book by Hawthorn Press in return for our review. All opinions are our own.



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