Badger Sleep Balm…a review

Recently we were sent a lovely bag of goodies by the lovely people at  Badger Balm UKIMG_1909


This is the first in our series of reviews…

Badger Sleep Balm

£7.99 56g 


Badger Sleep Balm is presented in a beautiful tin with a charming illustration of a Badger relaxing beneath the stars…

We love natural products here at Monster House and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. Containing Lavender and Bergamot, the fragrance is lovely, certainly very relaxing and gentle. The balm is very easy to apply, simply use your fingers to apply straight from the tin to your skin. Representing excellent value for money, the tin is huge and you only need a small amount for each application.

I have tried Badger Sleep Balm for a week now, and it is a keeper…we have had a busy time lately what with planning for home ed and various other jobs we have needed to get done and this makes it tricky to ‘wind down’ and relax at bedtime.  I’ve been applying it just before bedtime, having a read of a book for 15 minutes or so before settling properly and have had no trouble drifting off and getting a good night’s sleep…this stuff really works! (it also looks extremely cute on the bedside table 😉 )

I would definitely recommend Badger Sleep Balm (not least to my fellow mums and dads!) and for the little Badgers in our lives, we will be trying Mini Badger Night Night Balm next…


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