‘Goodnight Sleepy Babies’… a review

Here is the third in our series of reviews for Scholastic…


Goodnight Sleepy Babies

Janet Bingham & Sebastien Brawn

Published by Scholastic

Priced £6.99

Reviewed by me and The Bundles

This is a book which appealed to me because we are always on the look out for gentle, bed time stories to share and this one looked (and is!) ideal for both Bundles. Bundle Number One appreciated the story itself and Bundle Number Two enjoyed the beautiful illustrations and pointing to the animals.


The story is about a Rabbit settling her baby down for bed, but first they must say goodnight to all of the other animals. On each double page spread there is a beautiful illustration of an adult animal preparing their baby for bed, using soft, dark colours to provide the perfect accompaniment for the rhyming narrative which uses words including as ‘comfy’ , ‘snuggle’ and ‘cradled’ to conjure up a gentle, sleepy atmosphere. 


This is a lovely book for bedtime, and ideal for sharing as a family. We love it and would definitely recommend it to others



Disclaimer: We were sent this book, free of charge for review. All opinions are our own.


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