The Fabulous Pie…a review

Here is the second in our series of reviews for Scholastic…


The Fabulous Pie

by Gareth Edwards & Guy Parker-Rees

Published by Scholastic

Priced £6.99

Reviewed by me and Bundle Number One (aged nearly 4)

Having already enjoyed ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’ by the same author, we were very excited to read this story! Bundle Number One was immediately amused by the picture on the cover, showing a Bear holding a pie filled with disgruntled looking animals;


He loves stories with an element of danger and suspense so this was ideal! We settled down on our story blanket and shared the story.

The story itself is about a ‘VERY bad’ Bear , who bakes a pie only to find he is short of a filling…so off he goes, into the forest, in search of something suitable.


‘ “Fabulous pie! Fabulous pie!

Who’ll help to make the filling

For my Fabulous pie” ‘

The bear meets a succession of forest animals, from a Mouse to some Otters, and each willingly helps him to find a delicious filling for his Fabulous pie, offering up their most favourite foods. But, much to the indignation of the animals who have all helped him and think that the pie, now containing all of their most favourite food, looks delicious, the Bear still thinks the recipe looks ‘rather thin’ and so he comes up with a cunning plan…he will put the animals into his pie instead!

‘Terrible pie! Terrible pie!

You can’t make us the filling 

For your terrible pie!

As in all good children’s stories, of course there is a happy ending and the animals manage to ‘escape as they ‘stick their legs out of the crust’ and make a ‘desperate dash’ for safety…


they then get to enjoy the ‘Fabulous pie’ filled with all of their favourite foods, while the Bear ends up floating down the river on a log and is shown on the very last page toasting mushrooms and looking defeated!

We loved this story, I really like the clever use of rhyme throughout and the beautiful illustrations which bring the story to life. The animals personalities shine through and the humour of the tale makes this a story adults will appreciate as much as children.

Bundle Number one loved the suspense of the ‘VERY bad Bear’ trying to fill the Fabulous pie with goodies, he knew where the story was going as soon as we met the first animal and giggled delightedly when the Bear decided he would put the animals in the pie too! He also laughed when the animal friends outwitted the Bear and gobbled up the Fabulous pie themselves! 

His comments on the book are;

‘I like it when he (the Bear) shouts 

‘ “Fabulous pie, Fabulous pie

Who’ll help make the filling 

for my Fabulous pie?” ‘

‘ I like the bit when the Otter give the Bear a Salmon to put in the pie because it doesn’t taste nice with the other things!’

We would certainly recommend this book, it is a delightfully wicked story, perfectly suited to Bundle Number One’s age group and above. It’s now a firm favourite here at Monster House!


Disclaimer: We were sent this book, free of charge, for review. All opinions are our own.


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