Animal Noises by Thomas Flintham …a review

The lovely people at Scholastic sent us a parcel of three children’s titles for review, this week we will share them with you. here is the first of our reviews…



Animal Noises

by Thomas Flintham

Published by Scholastic

Priced £5.99

(Reviewed by me and Bundle Number two, aged 17 months  🙂 )

This is a very attractive picture book which immediately caught Bundle Number Two’s attention (a combination of the bold colours and the fact that there are farm animals on the cover, which he currently loves!) and he wanted to sit together and look at the pictures straightaway, which we did….


The story is about a Farm, home to a variety of animals. First we met the chickens, who wake the farm each day, followed by the cows who like to chew in the meadow at breakfast time. The story then follows a day on the farm, introducing us to sheep, donkeys, bees, ducks, a goat, some horses, kittens and, as we reach the evening, some owls! At the end of the story we meet Puppy, who does his ‘evening rounds’ and all of the animals are quiet as they drift off to sleep. Of course on each page there are the accompanying animals sounds for example;


‘The ducks all want a lunchtime snack. In the pond they call, “QUACK, QUACK!” ‘

The story itself is simple, cleverly written with the use of rhyme, (which is something Bundle Number Two particularly appreciates!) and very easy for little ones to follow, Bundle Number Two was able to listen to the whole story without becoming too distracted. The illustrations are beautiful and really stand out among other titles of this kind due to their bold nature and interesting use of colour.


But that’s not all…take a look inside the front and back covers and you will discover that this is no ordinary book...



12 beautifully bright, ‘fun flashcards’ are ready to be cut out and used for learning to recognise animals and the noises they make! On one side there is a picture of an animal:


and on the other side the question ‘what does the (animal) say?’


Bundle Number Two was ecstatic at the sight of the cards and carried the ‘duck’ and ‘cow’ cards around, proudly announcing ‘Quack!’  ‘Moo!’  


These cards are a lovely way to extend the story and represent huge value for money.

We are very pleased with this book, it has definitely become a firm favourite at Monster House and we would certainly recommend it to others. (Bundle Number One says especially those learning and developing their ‘animal noises’ 🙂 )

Disclaimer: We were sent this lovely book free of charge for review. All opinions are our own.


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