after the telling…Storytelling Schools review part five…

After I had told the story , I asked Bundle Number One some questions in order to find out what he thought of my efforts…

The Storytelling Schools Handbook has a comprehensive section on ‘After the Telling’, stating the importance of regular feedback in reinforcing the idea to the class (Bundle Number one!) that it is, in fact, o.k to receive feedback. It also serves to encourage them to ‘try out their positive feedback skills on you’ (before trying them on others)

Following the question suggested in the book, this is how our feedback session went:

What were your favourite moments?

‘I liked Mr Wolf, when he came down the chimney and he ran away, and I liked the bit where they (the Three Little Pigs) say ‘not by the hairs on my chinny, chin, chin!”

Why did you like those moments the best?

because they were funny and you did the voices!

What did you like about how I told the story?

I liked Mr wolf’s voice he is funny and a bit scary too…

If you told me the story, what would you change or add?

‘If I was telling the story it would be in Portuguese and Spanish’

(I should add here that we speak neither of these languages but he insists on watching ‘Winnie the Pooh’ in Portuguese or Spanish rather than in English!)

Next we look at ‘Types of story and how to tell them’ with plenty of ‘audience participation’ happening 🙂


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