telling the story…Storytelling Schools review part 4

So, the next thing to do was to tell the story to Bundle Number One…


I read the ‘Tips for telling to your Class’ which were extremely helpful in providing ideas in which to enhance the storytelling experience for all involved, ideas such as:

* ‘Vary the lighting’

 We had soft, cozy lighting for story time simply because that’s how we like it!


* ‘Group Chant’

In our case, we used the rhyme provided in the Storytelling Schools Handbook.

‘It’s story time’

‘it’s story time’

‘look, listen shhh!’

(there are actions to accompany the rhyme but we adapted it as actions usually lead to over excitement with Bundle Number One, who is still only 3)

Bundle Number one was immediately intrigued to hear this new rhyme and he soon came over to the story blanket, ready to join in.

* ‘Musical Sounds’

As I repeated the rhyme, I also introduced the sound of a ‘shaker’

* ‘Remember the story is wonderful’

I was mindful of the fact that the story was wonderful and the joy that it would bring Bundle Number One to hear me telling it.

* ‘Clarity with starting and finishing’

I remembered to make the beginning clear and to rehearse the story’s ending.

* ‘Eye contact’

This was easy (especially having told stories to large groups of children in the past!) as I only had one child to make eye contact with. 

* Standing or sitting?

We used a combination of both (me, Bundle Number One remained sitting on our story blanket!) for our story time which seemed to work well. i liked the freedom of whole body movement when standing, especially when being ‘Mr Wolf!’


* Perfect or good enough?

I was a bit nervous initially, but did manage to come back to that all important thought that it is ok to show nerves as this in turn can help Bundle Number One feel safe in the knowledge that everyone feels that way now and again, thus helping him when it’s his turn to be the teller.

Bundle Number One thoroughly enjoyed our story telling session, especially because this is one of his favourite stories (he loves the wolf!) He sat on our story blanket and joined in with some of the repetitive parts of the story, for example;

‘Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin, i will not let you in!’

…and there was much squealing and laughing when ‘Mr Wolf’  made his appearances (my ‘wolf voice’ was obviously appreciated!) 


I feel the story telling session went very well, it was easy for me having an audience of one 😉 I knew the story well already which was a huge confidence booster and all I learned during the HMSS preparation proved very beneficial in jogging my memory when i needed to remember quickly what was to come next!

Next up:

after the telling…Storytelling Schools review part 5


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