Campbell Books…a review

Bundle Number Two was very excited to receive a lovely parcel from Campbell Books containing these exciting titles :

Flip and Find Farmers (Samantha Meredith)


Busy Swimming (Ruth Redford)


and Nursery Rhymes (Lucy Cousins)


We selected the above titles because they are all relevant to Bundle Number Two’s current interests. He is very proud of his animal sounds, has recently been swimming (for the second time ever!) and he loves trying to join in with the actions when we sing nursery rhymes… The first one to attract his attention was the Nursery Rhymes book, which we then shared together on our story blanket. I really like the bold, bright illustrations and the fact that there are a few rhymes (the old woman who lived in the shoe, for example!) that I had totally forgotten about, this was lovely as it immediately refreshed our rhyme time repertoire! Bundle Number Two enjoyed pointing to the pictures and finds this book very easy to hold in his chubby hands  with no difficulty in turning the pages himself (this book is very robust which is a must at his age!) .DSCF6630 Next, he selectedFlip and Find Farmers’, announcing ‘duck’ as he does for anything that might contain one! (luckily, this book did!) The wonderful thing about this book is that it has ‘giant flaps’ perfectly suited to the blossoming fine motor skills of toddler hands.   DSCF6605 The illustrations are bold and attractive with a lovely attention to detail and the story is simple and easy for little ones to follow without becoming distracted. What is really great about this book is that it also has a ‘can you find?’ section when you open the flap, involving pictures of animals/objects to be discovered on each particular page, which Bundle Number One (who is nearly 4) enjoyed, this provided a welcome opportunity for both Bundles to enjoy a book together which made me very happy!  DSCF6603 Busy Swimming was eagerly received by both Bundles due to the fact that we have recently been swimming ourselves. The Bundles loved the fact that this book literally comes alive  thanks to the ‘push, pull, slide’ design. This really gets those fine motor skills working and Bundle Number Two was able to manage all of the necessary movements, delighted to see what happened on each page. Bundle Number One discussed each page with me, pointing out what was happening and he especially loved the ‘swimming race’ DSCF6617           DSCF6618 and helping the children in the book get changed into their swimming costumes…                          DSCF6619                           DSCF6620 I really like the fact that this book is, again, very robust and easy to share with both Bundles without one or the other becoming disinterested. As a stay at home, home educating mummy this makes all the difference!

This was the first time we have tried Campbell Books and we would definitely recommend them for ages 0-5  🙂 New for 2015 is their ‘Campbell Baby’ range, offering lots of lovely titles for the smallest of bookworms. You can find out more about Campbell Books and all they have to offer here:

Disclaimer: We were sent these book (free of charge) for review. All opinions are our own.


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