cloth nappies….why, what and how?

We have used cloth nappies since Bundle Number One was around 5 months old. Our decision to use cloth was based on the following factors

* Not being comfortable with the idea of the chemicals used in disposables

* Environmental impact of disposables;

* Cost reduction;

* A love of ‘being different’

* The ‘cute factor’

We find cloth nappies very easy to use and extremely reliable (especially due to the fact they can be ‘boosted’ for increased absorbancy).

The washing has become part of our daily rhythm, placing used nappies in a lidded plastic bin and putting the day’s nappies on to wash each evening ( we use Tots Bots Potion for nappy washing because it is created for this very purpose and it got very confusing trying to figure out what we should/shouldnt use in a nappy wash!) before either hanging them out on the line the following day (this is by far the best way to dry cloth nappies, the suns rays bleach out any stains like magic and seeing them on the line is heart warmingly satisfying… no, really, it is!) or putting them on a low heat cycle in the tumble dryer (this needs to be done carefully as some nappies are not suitable for dryers so always follow the guidelines for each particular brand!)

Drying time varies depending upon the materials used in each nappy, therefore it is always best to do your own research into which particular materials and brands will best suit your family. There are many places you can hire nappy packs to ‘try before you buy’ ,such as local Nappy Libraries, your local NCT branch and a number of online retailers. Some local councils even offer financial incentives to use cloth and even provide laundering services.  I you are not squeamish about ‘pre-loved’ nappies (unfortunately we are but that’s our own preference, as a result we have spent quite a considerable amount of money on finding the best nappies for us…it still works out cheaper than if we had used disposables however 😉 ) it is well worth checking out the options. 

These are Monster House favourites…

Tots Bots cotton fitted nappies (sized) Our very first cloth! Bundle Number One used the size 2s from around the age of 1 right up until he started using the toilet (around his 3rd birthday) They dry quickly and are very easy to use. They are my ‘go to’ nappy, extremely reliable and huge value for money…they are now in use for Bundle Number Two!

our first cloth nappies!

                 our first cloth nappies!


Tots Bots Cotton Size 2


still our ‘go to’ nappy!


Our favourite wraps to use with these nappies in the daytime are Little Lamb Applix (velcro) fastening (sized) wraps which come in a range of lovely colours, give an excellent and are literally ‘explosion proof’ thanks to the clever leg gusseting! They are also amazing value for money and are often on special offer too.

We also use Blueberry Coveralls which have snap (popper) fastening and are adjustable with rows of poppers at the front allowing the wrap to be adjusted in the length (or ‘rise’) as your baby grows so that this wrap grows with your child rather than needing to buy further sizes. We have found it slightly more tricky to get a good fit with these when The Bundles have been ‘inbetween’ sizes though.


              Blueberry Coveralls

These are my one of our favourite pocket nappies, by Baba and Boo. They give a good fit, are very adjustable providing plenty of room for growth and they have a range of delightful colours and prints, even offering clothing to match! These nappies are extremely good value for money and perform as well, if not better than some of the more expensive brands. (We do sometimes add a bamboo booster for long car journeys!)


‘Bongo Bat’ print pocket nappy


DSCF6502                                                                         DSCF6503


We are also big fans of Little Lamb pocket nappies. These are available in a sized version and the v2 One Size  version. Both are amazingly absorbent and give an excellent fit with a lovely range of colours to choose from…


Little lamb sized pocket nappies (these are size 1 and size 2)


Little Lamb v2 One Size

Little Lamb v2 One Size


By far the most reliable night nappy combination for us (after a LOT of trial and error!) has been Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch nappy (with one to two added bamboo boosters as The Bundles have grown) coupled with a Motherease Airflow wrap. Now that Bundle Number Two sleeps through (hooray!) This combination lasts a good 12 hours totally leak free 🙂


I would love to hear from you if you use cloth or are thinking of giving it a go and am more than happy to help answer any questions if I can!

Disclaimer: This post is written from our own personal experience, all products mentioned were purchased by us from various retailers , some of which are mentioned in this post. We were not asked to review any of these products and have not worked with any of the retailers mentioned. All opinions are our own.


4 thoughts on “cloth nappies….why, what and how?

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  2. I use Tots Bots Bamboozle and Little Lambs at night with Little Lamb covers and they’ve been working great since my little one was 3 months old. As she’s got bigger (now 15 months) I’ve had to add in bigger bamboo inserts. During the day I more than often use pretty cheap pockets with microfibre and bamboo or hemp inserts.

    My little one has eczema so we simply use soap nuts to clean the nappies – there’s no optical brighteners but the sun will usually do that job for free!


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