The Storytelling School Handbook for Teachers

Following my expressed interest, the lovely people at  Hawthorn Press sent us this for review…


The Storytelling School Handbook for Teachers

by Chris Smith PhD and Adam Guillian (with foreword by Pie Corbett)

Here at Monster House we are most definitely story enthusiasts and, with the book being written as a handbook for teachers, I was particularly interested to find out how this approach could work for us as an autonomously home educating family. I was not disappointed, this book is nothing short of a treasure and I am very excited to share our review with you.

Due to the nature of the book, this review will be published in installments, I feel this is the only way to truly give my opinion while thoroughly exploring it’s concept from our home ed perspective. One of the things I am most hopeful for is to learn to apply storytelling to learning across a broad ‘curriculum’ as Bundle Number One (who for the purpose of this review will be my ‘class’) is showing a tendency to learn far more effectively in this way. 

The book itself is attractive and intriguing. Spiral bound (which i find enhances the reading experience by enabling your current page to be kept open so that you can be working on an idea and checking back as you do so) with a colourful cover and plenty of information on the back cover, along with the quote

‘a picture paints a thousand words; a story paints a thousand pictures’

An initial flick through the book showed it to include include diagrams, tables and timelines and i was interested to read all about the authors, Chris Smith PhD and Adam Guillian. Consequently visiting their websites (which are well worth a click!)

Storytelling Schools is introduced as 

‘…a group of educationalists who are passionate about the power of storytelling to transform education and learning’

The Storytelling School was founded in 2013 by Chris Smith, Adam Guillain, Pie Corbett and Nanette Stormont.

Disclaimer: This book was kindly sent to us (free of charge) for review. All opinions are my own/that of my family.


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